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    I know WordPress.com doesn’t allow javascript to be used, but I found this in PHP. It’s a really good widget to manage traffic and activity on select social networks. There’s not much else to say about it, though I have seen a lot of Friendfeed users that are running WordPress and are in need of this feature. Links:




    I second this request. Friendfeed is a lifestream of all our activities on the net. Many, including myself would love to have this in our sidebar!



    I’d like to third this request. I’ve been looking for way around this, but not sure if there is one.



    I’d like to be the fourth for this request…..


    I don’t believe there is one, adstew. Which is why I second the thought of having a friendfeed or similar lifestream widget :)



    While it is no substitute, you can always put your friendfeed RSS into the RSS widget, but that will only bring in your content. I don’t know if a “combined” with friends RSS feed exists or not….



    It doesn’t work Trent. All of us have done that and it shows everything under the RSS as “Array.”


    And I’m just talking about my feeds on Friendfeed, I have no friends on friendfeed LOL Anyone want to be one of mine LOL



    You can put twitter feeds into an RSS widget, and also any legitimate website feed, so shouldn’t that cover it?


    Kinda sortta raincoaster. But friendfeed pulls twitter, amazon.com, youtube, stumbleupon, blogs – basically anything you do on the net, it lifestreams



    Oh dear god. Can you say TMI? I guess I’m just someone who suffers from info overload, because I have very few friends who regularly say anything compelling on all of those things. Amazon in particular…I mean, I have friends who get PAID to post to Amazon. It’s not a legitimate info stream to my mind.

    Then again, I’m old. You kids get offa my lawn!


    LOL It is TMI for the average blog reader, including my audience. But some of my peeps are friends and family, who like to nose around in my business :P


    Yes I can: T. M. I.

    Time for a re-make of the Police: “Every digital breath you take.”


    I would love to have Friendfeed as well, at least the rss.



    Thank GOD most of my family don’t read my blog. Once, ONCE I blogged about a sweater my sister had given me that made me look fat. Little did I know she’d put my blog on her Facebook. Next thing I know I’m getting huffy comments from “The Sister” and there’s an end to all my nice secondhand cashmere!


    Yeah, well early on in blogging when I was over on blogger and very naive; I posted a naughty picture of myself. Only to discover that my siblings saw me in all my glory LOL But, it sure was good for my hits :P


    Oh, and don’t go looking on my blog for them, cuz they’ve been ‘retired.’ :P I learned my lesson.



    Oh, you poor sweet innocent child. I do not post the link here only because you’re such a sweetie. But the link exists. Email me at raincoaster at gmail dot com if you really want the gory details.

    Nothing is EVER really deleted from the Web.





    If WordPress only has time for one request a month, then we can still do with our RSS widgets.

    And that brings up a similar topic. 70% of us use Twitter. That can also do good with RSS, yet if functions faster with Javascript. I’m sure there’s plenty that offer it in PHP, but I’ll leave that to the Mods.

    Thanks for the help! :)

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