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Feature Request: Please allow us to have a search box in our admin bar.

  1. I got to thinking that a search box would be a nice add on to
    the admin bar so we can search for topics on other blogs here
    on if you like the the idea please feel free to
    leave a comment letting the Automattic, staff know that you're
    interested with this idea. Never know if they get a enough replies
    they might consider adding the search box feature to our admin bar.... =)

  2. P.s. The reason i also brought this up is because in there "Admin Bar" post
    staff stated that if there is something we would like to be considered to
    be possibly added to the admin bar to leave them a comment I try'd but
    couldn't find were to leave a comment....

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  3. Like the idea

  4. Hello moinansari,
    Thanks for the reply... =)

  5. Yes, like it too!
    Can you add a serach bar to your own blog too?

  6. yes you can add a search box to your blog
    some themes have the search box built
    into the theme and if they don't
    then you go to dashboard » design » widget » add search

  7. to get to the themes is dashboard » design =)

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