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Feature request: Widget for email subscription

  1. Hi,

    I know that subscription forms for services like:


    do not work, because forms in general are not allowed.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to offer a configurable widget for these services, so that people can drop them in their sidebar (and choose the service they like?)

  2. Best bet would be to submit a feedback with this. I believe Bloglines will give you a link URL for you to post in your blog allowing folks to sign up for their email updates. You could add that into a text widget fairly easily.

  3. Hello Mike,

    a link to a subscription page is possible with almost any service.

    The problem with non-web-savvy users is that they get confused when they land on a subscription form on a site that has nothing to do with the blog they want to subscribe to.

    That's even more so with non-English language blogs, I would like at least the first crucial step with the subscription form to be Dutch (I have a Dutch-language blog, and help other people with Dutch-language blogs...).

    But I'll send a request to support directly, like you advised, thx.

  4. I have a link to subscribe to feedblitz as a widgit on my blog. I used the email link configuration not the website form configuration which feedblitz provides when you register.

    When you click on the link on my site it takes you to a sign up page that is clearly subscribing to my feed. I have had plenty of people sign up with no issues reported. The only problem that has been experienced is that sometimes the feed gets caught in spam filters. I added instructions about that to the widgit as well.

  5. Thank you very much eloheim. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I think it's going to work. I've had readers screaming for email subscription service and wouldn't have figure this out without your post.

  6. I would second this request (and will submit via feedback, too) as it would be nice to be able to have a email sign-up form in a widget.

    thebarefoot, if you're interested, I found a very nice button/icon for "via email" subscriptions. So, what I did was use this button as a link to the FeedBurner email subscription sign-up page on my blog.

    I got the button from MacManX and have linked to his blog from mine at this post:

  7. Thebarefoot:
    Glad it worked for you. I clicked on your link and it performed just as mine does. I would expect it to work great for your readers.

  8. (I got an answer from the team:)

    We will introduce some form of email subscribe in the future. Quite how it will work is not yet decided.


  9. Why mess with "the man" when you got the woman, Mark? Smarter not harder is the way. Thanks again Eloheim.

  10. Why mess with "the man" when you got the woman, Mark? Smarter not harder is the way.


  11. must be a reference to eloheim's avatar

  12. Okay I know this is supposed to be resolved but I still cannot get the link to work in the text box. I am NOT trying to add the html code but even this link does not show up in my sidebar as a link. It shows up exactly how it is listed here (a whole bunch of letters) and no one can click it. It is like it is just dead letters with a few symbols in between them. What can I do? It is getting to be too much to add every individual that emails me by hand into feedblitz.

  13. Please try this:

    <a href="">Subscribe to me</a>

    Hope this helps,

  14. I hate to be a complete moron, but man, this is really sending me for a loop! How do I get the Feedblitz subscription box? Can I use the link above? If there are instructions, I'll be happy to read them....just gotta figure out where they are! Grrr.....

  15. Ok never mind...I finally found it!! woohoo!! :)

    Thanks anyway!

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