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Feature Rquest: Tag List

  1. Not sure where to post feature requests or to send a feature request to staff (I've searched all over the place) LOL

    And I apologize if this is a feature request being duplicated.
    I had run a few separate blogs - here at WordPress and Google Blogger. I am dropping all the others and going whole-hog here.

    One feature I really, REALLY like with blogger is when I write a post - I can show a list of tags I have already used previously - and just click the ones I want in order to add them (or manually type them as usual.)

    I know this can be done because there is a tag manager in WordPress Dashboard. It would be really useful as I like to stick to a small list of specific tags, and this would allow me to ensure they are consistent across my whole blog (and not misspell one or change the capitalization, etc. - creating a whole new tag.)

    Okay - that's it.
    Thanks :)

  2. If you use categories, they function in exactly this way.

  3. you might like to use the firefox extension scribefire and create a tags list in a note. so each time you need tags, you can look them up, copy the tags you need and paste them in the tags field under your post editor.

    if you want to have a tags list for your readers as well, why not create one yourself? it's easy! :D
    How to have Tags list in a blog

  4. Once you start typing a tag, the Post page tries to help you. For example, when I type "m" in the tags box, suggests "music" and others. That might be enough for some who have a similar question.

  5. I have been thinking about this kind of thing too. My widget for my tags collection is on my front page. When I'm writing a new post, I might want to tag it - with a previous tag. I don't remember them all. There is space on the write page where there could be a list of tags already used. I could just glance at that and decide to type a tag I have used.

  6. Here is a tutorial on how you can use Scribefire to easily put tags under your post:
    How to create a Tags list to easily pick tags for a blog post

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