Feature Suggestion: Align Stats to a User’s Set Timezone

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    In a user’s general settings, we can define which timezone we want our blog applied to. Unfortunately, it appears that the site stats run off a different timezone (the WordPress home timezone?). Would it be possible to configure the stats so that they align with the blog’s defined timezone instead?


    The blog I need help with is nightwyrm.wordpress.com.



    This has been previously requested many times and the response from staff every time was that this is not going to happen. The stats are GMT and IMO and FWIW that’s the way that they will remain.


    And the other thing to remember is that if you end up being like me, I have a surprising number of visitors from Europe and the UK as well as a surprising amount from the asian countries, so at least in my case, the time stats start and end is not too relevant. All that is important to me is that they reset every 24 hours, which they do.

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