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    What determines who gets to be the “featured blog” for a certain amount of time?

    The blog I need help with is lazyeverdays.wordpress.com.


    It is some secret sauce recipe only known to staff, and they won’t share since that would allow people to figure out how to “game” the system.



    My best guess is the blog that uses that tag the most. But staff do step in and disallow individual blogs sometimes, and they could be using a different formula, that’s just how it appears to me.

    If you really want exposure, link your username to your blog according to the instructions in the thread “8 Things to Know” at the top of the forums.



    Well if the staff have a formula, they may like to think of making some adjustments. I was absolutely disgusted with the featured blog I opened the other day. Nothing short of hard porn!

    Not the sort of thing I would want my grandchildren to chance upon.



    What and where is “the featured blog”? Every now and then someone on the forum mentions it, and I don’t know what they’re talking about. I checked the WP home page but didn’t see anything called “featured blog.” TIA


    @lifemagician, if you find something like that, while on the blog, click the “blog info” link in your grey admin bar and then click “report as mature” so that staff can have a look and then mark the blog as mature where it will not show up in the tags pages.


    @buy, If you go to any of the wordpress global tags pages, the “featured blog” is the one at the top of the list.



    Ooooh, so there are a lot of “featured blogs.” Sometimes even mine : )

    Thanks for clearing that up, thesacredpath.


    You’re welcome.

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