“Featured Blogs” limited to those with Possibly Related Posts?

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    That pretty much says it all.

    Investigating an unusual drop in hits for my blog and a few others, I noticed that each and every blog that was Featured for a category happened to have Possibly Related Posts turned on.

    I’d like some clarification about whether this is coincidence or not. Has anyone else noticed the same thing/different things?


    I had not noticed what blogs were making the list. But I wasn’t really paying attention! However, my stats have dropped and I have Possibly Related Posts turned on.



    That may explain why the German top posts list shrinked to 9 (Yes 9. I’m dead serious)


    If your speculations are accurate, Raincoaster, then maybe this—-> https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=27414&replies=16#post-203223 —> will make it to where all feel comfortable using this feature; and leveling the playing field?



    If this is true, WordPress has some major explaining to do and fast.

    WordPress needs to address this matter within 24 hours. No excuses and no bullshit.


    Yep Yep Yep!!! Why am I being punished for this!!! this total BS!!!!



    I know these guys, and threats aren’t going to work. I just want to know, can anyone cruise through a few more tags and confirm/deny this?

    Several of us are seeing our stats decrease by a third lately. Several formerly-prominent blogs, too, who were regularly featured blogs. Now, none of us are.

    What I want to see is a way to restrict it to sites (internal to WP.com or external; I don’t work for them, so I don’t really care) that are also running the Possibly Related Links thing. I don’t think Rupert Murdoch needs hits from raincoaster.com, and I don’t think he needs hits from you either.



    This was featured today http://nffcblog.com/2008/05/12/will-late-freedman-strike-put-leeds-united-back-on-course/

    No possibly related posts on it, saw a few others featured too with no possibly related posts so it doesn’t look like it.



    What tag/category was it featured on? Thanks for the info; this is the first one I’ve seen. We need direct links to the tag/cat pages to double-check. It could well be that those blogs have links, but none popped up on that particular post. They’re not on every post.



    Interesting. That only had the News tag on it, and now the featured blog in News has them:



    Ah, you’re right. I’m not using it, but I am showing up on the Featured Blogs, just for things there’s no way anyone else could get a word in edgewise:


    LOL, I used to use my username and you told me that was a no-no, and you’re using it raincoaster LOL And I went and deleted all those tags!



    I didn’t tell you to delete them. I told you I knew of someone who got their blog taken off the global tags for it, and I DID tell you not to tag every post of yours with it. If you’ll notice, I have a few thousand posts but only a few are tagged with that.

    I am also not the only person who uses that tag.

    I did the language change thing, which I now recommend to EVERYONE, just in case. Now I’m seeing myself featured blog in pages I wasn’t featured in for weeks.


    Raincoaster, I’m sorry. I was pulling your leg. I picked up what you put down the other day, and definitely know the difference! I was hoping my “LOL’s” woulda told ya I was playing. I knew when I looked at the tag-page that that was not all your entries, and also saw that others had tagged ya!


    Oh, and yeah….I noticed some guy who came to the forums yesterday was also now featured….after doing the language thing.



    iz okay. i am stressed lately.

    Yes, everyone should do the language thing just on general principles. The bug may be fixed, as in it may not happen to new blogs, but I don’t think it’s been fixed on ones it originally effected.



    Hi RainCoaster!

    To my knowledge of what I get for hanging around in this forum is that featured blogs are most likely those who paid WordPress. Isn’t it?

    My hits went up to 70 over yesterday after hitting 30 something being lower than usual for a few days. Although my hits is meagre as compared to most of you since I am not really that particular, it’s obviously have nothing to do with Featured or Possibly Related from this.




    No, that’s not likely right.

    As far as I can tell, VIP blogs are never excluded from any hit-pimping features like Featured Blogs, BOTD, Possibly Related Links, etc, so they naturally have a huge advantage (besides also having a ton of hits on their own) but Featured Blogs aren’t as far as I know limited to paid blogs.



    Hi Raincoaster!
    Is it? Then it’s good and bad news.
    It’s good that featured blogs is acessible to free users…
    It’s bad that if my blog never got featured. LOL~

    Actually, my hits yesterday was 94. But the point is, it’s considered a shape rebound from 50~30 range, mostly around 40~50 for the past days. So it might not be the WordPress’ problem.

    I am an IT idiot, but I shall share so generously. Don’t throw eggs at me if I am wrong that something does happen in WordPress that causes the decline. :D


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