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    I have picked apart the support section but am still not clear on how to set feature categories. I read the following on feature categories for Nuntius but am still unclear:

    “The News Page template displays posts from featured categories in blocks, arranged in alphabetical order by category name. Featuring categories is as simple as choosing a primary featured category in Appearance → Theme Options. To feature additional categories, go to Posts → Categories and assign your primary category as the “Category parent” of each additional category you wish to feature.

    Up to ten of your remaining posts that do not appear in the slider or in any featured category will appear in the “More Articles” block.”

    Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is popgoesthecity.com.


    The News template page displays the latest posts from a number of selected categories. Suppose you want to display the latest posts from categories Cat1, Cat2, Cat3 and Cat4:
    Step a – You go to Appearance > Theme Options, select Cat1 from the “Choose a primary featured category” pulldown, click Save Options.
    Step b – You go to Posts > Categories, hover over the name of Cat2, click Edit, select Cat1 from the “Parent” pulldown, click Update. Repeat for Cat3 and Cat4.


    I have step a done. As for step b, for some reason, I am feeling like a step is missing in the whole process. I am just not getting it. It does not compute in my head because I am going to the category I want to appear but I don’t know what to select from the drop down menu.


    Step a: you have selected “leslietypesTM”.
    Step b: you select “leslietypesTM” as the parent of the other categories.


    Ok, I will try it in the morning. Thanks for your help!



    Hi @popgoesthecity,

    Were you able to figure out how to add the parent categories? Please confirm if the steps panaghiotisadam provided worked for you.

    Your site looks great by the way.



    Thank you both! Yes, they worked but I need to correct how my categories are set up. It’s really hard to explain how they are set up but when I follow his instructions, they show up but not as I expected. I just wanted the parent category of beauty to show up and not beauty and all the subcategories.

    Thanks for the kind words about my site!



    Hi Leslie,

    You’re welcome. I see what you’re saying about the categories. Nuntius is designed to feature the parent category you selected on Appearance → Theme Options and its subcategories.

    If you don’t want the subcategories to appear and don’t want to rearrange your existing categories, then here’s a suggestion: create a new category just for the front page. Then if you want a post to appear on the front page, just assign it to that category as well as to your other categories (beauty, etc).

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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