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    I’m having trouble figuring out how and why certain images post as “Featured Images.” I want all my posts to have a ‘featured image’ so that picture is easily seen as a bullet, etc… however, not all posts have this. Further, if I personally click on ‘Featured Images” and upload the one I want, it will show it double on my website. I don’t want this. I want what happened in my second post. The first picture shows as a featured image, yet, there is no double ‘featured image’ post. Can you please advise me?
    Blog url: http://acquiringataste.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is acquiringataste.wordpress.com.


    Generally, you need to set a featured image via the ‘featured image’ link on the post editor for the post you’ve published or about to publish. If you can’t see the module that the featured image option is in, then click on the ‘screen options’ link at the top of the post editor window and check the relevant option. Once you’ve chosen a featured image, it should appear.

    Here’s the page about the theme you’re using (Bueno) and how to use the various elements of it. Be sure to click any links that are on that page as they will help you to understand. Also click on the link at the top right of that page that says ‘live demo’.


    As for the doubling of images, I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you more on that.

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