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Featured image being resized automatically; can't use in slider

  1. I'm using the Fresh and Clean theme, and have an image at exactly 840px by 280px ready to use as a featured image (so that it can be set as the new slider). While it uploads as the correct dimensions, the only choices I have at the bottom of the 'set feaured image' window are all less than the actual size. "Full size" shows up as 580 by 193, not 840 by 280. Any ideas of what's going on here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you have resolved this issue.

    Fresh and Clean theme description >
    Fresh and Clean live demo site >

    The post slider appears on the front page if and only if you set featured images of the size required by the theme and mark them as sticky posts. Featured Image at least 840 pixels wide.

    The post slider on the Fresh and Clean theme is not designed to automatically advance.

  3. No, that's precisely the problem -- the image is being uploaded correctly, but being downsized to 540 width, and I have no option to use the full size at the actual, uploaded size. Has anyone else experienced this?

  4. Here is a snapshot of what I see. This has to be a bug:

  5. PS, if you try to 'stick' a featured image to the front page (to show up on the image slider), and it's been automatically downsized below 840px wide, it won't show up in the slider.

  6. Full size refers to the maximum displayed image widgth in the theme.

  7. I know that... it doesn't explain why my dimensions are being downsized. ??

  8. This has always worked, correctly, in the past -- this is the first time it's not working. Hopefully someone will be able to help; the screenshot attached above is the best way to see what's wrong.

    Additional troubleshooting I've done:
    - uploaded and reuploaded 3 times
    - uploaded with different sized images (840px wide, 900 px wide)
    - checked the size of media library (only at 3% capacity)
    - taken down a sticky post in case Fresh and Clean had a max of 3, and was forcing additional stickies/featured images down below 840px

    Still no luck.

  9. Well, I jerry rigged it. After much more experimentation, the only option that worked was blowing it into a 1040pixel wide image, and saving as a GIF. (Anything smaller than that, or a different format like JPEG, didn't work). With those two things, the "large size" finally became available.

    Couldn't find anything documenting this bug in Fresh and Clean's theme.

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