Featured image bug – featured images not working currently on may themes

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    I thought it was worth collating the various threads by people having featured image problems:

    There may be more

    The blog I need help with is western-hindu.org.



    I am using the theme Coraline and my feature image is not displaying



    @ghiyc13: Did you not read the link about Coraline in tandava108’s answer above yours?



    I did, i was attempting to communicate that I am also experiencing the problem. I realize I should ave clicked through to the specific thread



    @ghiyc13: Everyone who’s using themes that support featured images is experiencing the same problem if their images are smaller than the proper dimensions. We volunteers had always recommended uploading header/featured images in the exact dimensions the theme specifies. A couple of days ago WP finally decided that smaller ones shouldn’t be allowed (because they get blown up and lose quality). Right dimensions for Coraline are 990×180 pixels.



    thanks for the info – i’ll adjust the image sizes to the proper dimensions

    i appreciate the help!




    The glitch is happening even with properly sized images for the one-column display setting. In mine, I’m using Inuit and it’s sporadic. Some images display, and some don’t. All are the same size.


    @scifi4me: Yes, this is a very new change and I guess WP hasn’t sorted everything out yet. At the moment, featured images in Inuit Types work for the 2-column option if in the right dimensions or larger, don’t work for the 1-column option if in the right dimensions, may work if larger.



    When you say “change” I’m assuming the template code got tweaked somehow? Any kind of a time frame on when we could expect the bug to be eliminated?


    I’m an experienced forum volunteer, not a WP employee.
    But in the meantime I found that although 1-column featured images display at a width of 594px, they have to be 600px wide to show up.



    @scifi4me: if i read the information in the forum correctly – it sounds like there’s not going to be a fix, and we’ll need to upload images in the dimensions for a header
    not sure which theme you use, I’m using Coraline and the dimensions for Coraline are 990×180 pixels.

    i’d be interested to understand the reason behind the WP decision.


    @ghiyc13: no there’s not going to be any fix, because the new situation is supposed to be the fix. See staff reply:
    Reason explained in that reply (as well as in my first reply in this thread).
    The reason is right – but they should have thought of this earlier, not after thousands of users have been using featured images for a year or so.



    Well, someone needs to look at it, because I’m uploading images at the right dimensions in Inuit, and it’s still hit and miss whether they show up or not.


    Could you link to a post with a properly sized featured image that isn’t working?






    Those are the most recent. I’ve used feature images of various sizes to see if any of them work. It seems that if the image doesn’t appear when the post is first published, it won’t appear in subsequent updates, until it gets dropped to the one-column set below the featured posts.

    I haven’t detected a pattern among the posts that work and those that don’t.


    These are the featured images from the first two posts you linked to, right?
    They won’t show because they’re 594px wide: as I mentioned in a previous reply above, they need to be 600px wide (or more).



    @panaghiotisadam – I don’t know where to post this info, but hopefully you do, if you feel it’s worthwhile.

    Tonight I figured out how to use the scale feature in ‘edit’ images and it worked quite well for the most part. I was able to recover the feature images for many of my posts this way.

    just thought it might be worth passing on to others – i for one was scratching my head trying to figure out how to get my images to be the ‘right’ size




    Panos, the image in my post was resized to 600 pixels and still isn’t showing up.

    Goodbye, Steve Jobs

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