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    In 2 of my posts, the featured image that I selected does not appear in the header of the post. In all the other posts it works perfect. I already redid the upload and selection process a couple of times. It did not help. Does somebody know what could be the problem? Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is rawivee.wordpress.com.


    Hi rawivee,

    Can you provide links to the two posts that don’t have the header featured image you set?




    Hi Sandy,
    thanks for your reply and help.
    These are the two posts:
    As far as I can see on my computer, in those 2 blogs the standard heading image of the blog home page is shown, not the featured image that I selected. All the other posts show another header image (just as I selected them). Perhaps it appears differently to you?
    Best, Vee



    sorry I wrote an error: in those 2 posts (not blogs)


    Hi rawivee,

    I took a look at those two posts and I believe what is wrong is that the featured images that were uploaded were not wide enough to fill the full width of the theme. Therefore it reverted to the default image.

    Try setting a wider image as the featured image for those posts and see if that works.

    Let me know how it works out.

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