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Featured image doesn't show

  1. Been using Structure theme, recent post, featured image doesn't show, not sure what's problem. And I couldn't find theme Structure, on WordPress theme page anymore. Please help,thanks ^^

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Feature image isn't showing for me either. I use Twenty Ten theme. Please help. . .

  3. There are instructions on the theme showcase page for Structure. Your featured post has to have a large featured image.

    Important: the images must be 620×380 pixels or they get distorted (or cropped). Read more about this theme here.

  4. @newhammer
    You are using Twenty Ten.

    Custom Headers
    Twenty Ten comes with a selection of great header images. It’s easy to switch between any of the included header images or upload your own. You can even use a different custom header image for each post by including a Featured Image when you publish a new post.

    Twenty Eleven
    Twenty Eleven has a special Showcase template which takes advantage of Featured Images when used on sticky posts:
    An image with a minimum height of 300 pixels and a maximum width of 500 pixels will display next to the post.
    An image that is at least 1000 x 288 pixels will be displayed instead of the post with a title over the image.

  5. Thank you for your time, timethief, sorry if I'm a little slow, but I don't think that seems to be the issue. I have been posting on the blog for 9 months using custom headers for each post. I've made no changes. Then I went to post today and for some reason no custom header images will show for any posts I try to make. All my previous, already published posts still show their custom header images, but I can't make any new posts with custom headers. No image shows at all. I can't figure out what the problem is. What's happening?

  6. Same thing is happening on my blog

  7. It's working all of a sudden. Must of been glitch of some sort.

  8. The feature images still are not working for me in the preview screen.

  9. But I did the same think for month, it was working fine, it's just today. And the same image shows in the post as normal , only the one on the front page, should I reset something? May be the problem comes from WordPress site.

  10. I can see your featured image. Try refreshing your browser page or clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

  11. @panaghiotisadam

    yep, I cleared cache and cookies, and it's working fine now, thank you. ^_^

    Thank you ^^

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