featured image (header) won't appear (theme twenty eleven)

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    I want to add an image as FEATURED IMAGE. I want the image to appear at article header (Theme : Twenty Eleven). I already did this for many past articles on my blog, but it won’t let me this time. I get the message : “could not set that as the thumbnail image. Try a different attachement”. It’s a simple .jpg image, I have also tried .png. And I’ve also tried creating a brand new post.
    Blog url: http://dimjanaconcagua.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is dimjanaconcagua.wordpress.com.


    I also tried emptying my cache and with another browser



    Is the featured image the correct size ie. 1000 x 288 pixels?


    I just figured that and you’re right. It was too small. It has to be at least bigger than 1000 x 288 in both dimensions

    thx alot for the quick response.

    the featured image feature should automaticaly resized andor let us re-crop what portion of the image we want to display, kind of like the cover photo on facebook. If the image is bigger, it lets you move it to a better fit



    You’re welcome.

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