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Featured image in iTheme2

  1. Before I dismiss this beautiful theme from consideration, I'd like to make sure I'm understanding how the featured image works. It appears that if I want an existing post/image to appear in the carousel, I must designate a featured image for that post. If my chosen featured image already exists in the post, it will be duplicated above the post's headline. In its position as the featured image above the headline, the image will not show a caption and will not function as a link to any larger version/display. This means giving careful thought to the use of images in new posts and probably a redesign of existing posts to avoid the duplication of existing images.

    Am I correct in my understanding of how this theme handles featured images, or am I doing something wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. According to the information in the Theme Showcase, for it to appear in the slider, it has to be both with a featured image AND a sticky. Please see the bottom of the page here:

  3. My apologies if I somehow posted this question twice. I certainly didn't intend to.

    I understand how the slider works. That's not my question. My question is, is the duplication of images in a post (as I described above) the way the theme is supposed to work? I'm assuming it is and that if you plan to feature an image, then don't use it anywhere else in the post. But, is it also intentional that a featured image will not display a caption and will not work as a link to a larger image?

  4. I have been using this theme for the last 2 months. I have had no problems uploading the featured image. Yesterday I posted as usual did nothing different and the featured image just won't appear. I have tried everything. Funnily enough it shows up on iPad just not on the main site view. Please help otherwise I will have to change theme.

  5. @sarahparham, the site linked to your username is using Structure, not iTheme2. There are other threads about problems with featured images in Structure. Please see:

    @windwhistle, Can you give us a link to the blog you are having trouble with, starting with http:// ? The one linked to your username is using "The Morning After".

  6. iTheme2 seems to be similar to Inuit Types in how it relates to featured images being repeated in the body of the post. However, unlike Inuit Types, there's no way to turn off the repeated image in iTheme2.

  7. My test blog is at I've made it public for the moment, but will close it again in a day or so. It's a mess right now, because I've been playing around with how this theme handles featured images. As it stands, it looks like I'd have to spend too much time rearranging images to want to use this theme.

    I have never used Inuit, but yes, a way to turn off the duplication sounds like what iTheme2 might need.

  8. It would certainly solve the problem. Suggest it to Support once they are back after the 29th.

    If you have the Custom Design upgrade, I don't wonder if there isn't a way to suppress the display of the featured image in the post itself. Since I am not well-versed in CSS, I cannot give you any concrete advice on this.

    Otherwise, it would mean not using the same photo in the body of your post. Looking at the theme designer's demo site, the featured image is the only image in the post.

  9. My featured posts aren't showing in a carousel, how do I fix it as I dont want them in the main body of my home page, I want them in a carousel but it's not appearing?

  10. @showard76: As justjennifer explained above, you must also set a featured image to your sticky posts for the carousel to work.

  11. I have set a featured image :/

  12. Yes, now you have, and your carousel showed up. Before, you hadn't set featured images: if you had, they would have shown above the title of each post (as they do now).

  13. yeah, i had added them but it hadn't stored them properly!? fixed it now :) Thanks

  14. You're welcome.

  15. @just jennifer I have the CSS upgrade. Haven't checked yet and may not be smart enough to figure a way to suppress the featured image within the post, assuming it's even possible. What I'd love to have is the ability to lay out the post exactly the way I want it. Then designate an image as the image to be featured in the carousel -- without that action changing the appearance of the post at all. (After all, if I wanted an image to run full width across the top of the post, I'd have already laid it out that way.) That's sort of how The Morning After works. The designated image will appear on the front page as part of the "Latest Post," or as a thumbnail in a front page "Featured Post," but the original layout of the post does not change at all.

    But that's the beauty of WordPress. Every theme is different. Thanks for the input, everyone.

  16. @windwhistle: Yes of course you can remove the FIs from the posts if you have the CD upgrade. Add this in the CSS editor:

    .attachment-large-feature {
  17. @ panos Thanks! That works beautifully. (I swear I just looked at the code a minute ago and didn't see a way to do that. Maybe not enough coffee yet.) Anyway, I may have to reconsider and use this theme after all. Especially since I haven't changed themes in at least two months.

  18. Thanks for those info! iTheme2 is now working =) I had similar problem with the carousel where all the posts I put as "sticky posts" displayed the entire content at the front page rather than only the featured image.

  19. Why am I battling so much?

  20. @jackjericho
    You must make your posts sticky posts and assign a featured image of the correct size to them for the carousel to work. The large featured image size is 593 wide by 261 high.

    All you have to do to activate is have a sticky post with a featured image. Once you have one, the featured post area will appear. If you have more than 5, navigation arrows will appear on the left and right. Your visitors can then click through to see all the posts you’ve featured.

  21. Hey timethief - maybe my featured images are too big? get the banner, get the idea, dont get why I won't work. Grrrr! Let me try again!

  22. This may also be helpful:

    If set to a sticky post, thumbnail in the “carousel” showcase slider of the theme. Maximum dimensions 145×120 px (cropped if either dimension is larger).

  23. @jackjericho: You've made one post sticky, but you haven't set a featured image to it.

  24. @timethief @panaghiotisadam - I must be thicker than a plank? Why does this logic not work for me? I have two posts under Photography, both are sticky, both have featured images. I was expecting to see a slider, but appear to have duplicates etc? Do either of you have any capacity to have a look? Thanks a lot

  25. Ah, hold on, I think I have it now! The photography page is a menu, not a page. But also, I found the carousel under the blog page. Yay! No how do I remove the duplication under the photography section?

  26. Ok, so really I should have a single page for posts, use widget menu, and eliminate writing/photography menu?

  27. OK, got it - sheesh!

  28. a) The carousel will appear on your main posts page. If your front is set to display your latest posts, the carousel will appear on your front. If your front is set to display a static page and another page is set as your posts page, the carousel will appear on that page.

    b) Let's clear up the terminology: In WP lingo, the whole strip of header tabs is your top nav menu. Each tab is a menu item. What your "Photography" tab linked to is a category or archive page, i.e. a dynamic page. A page such as your "About" is a static page.
    So: The default top nav menu of a theme automatically displays links to all your published (parent) static pages, in some themes with dropdowns to child pages, if you have created any. A custom top nav menu (created, arranged and rearranged manually) can display links to whatever you wish (static pages, dynamic pages, single posts, and even external links), with dropdowns to whatever you wish.

  29. Thanks for this thread. Solved my problem about hiding featured images.

    I would like to add to the conversation by asking-

    My post title is very long and is expanding the box. Anyway to set custom captions instead of post titles ?

    see here :

  30. This theme works fine for me. But I am looking for advice on how to avoid showing a featured image twice in the post. when I set a featured image in a sticky post I get the same image twice in the same post, though they are slightly different in sizesThanks in advance

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