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    Hey timethief – maybe my featured images are too big? get the banner, get the idea, dont get why I won’t work. Grrrr! Let me try again!



    This may also be helpful:

    If set to a sticky post, thumbnail in the “carousel” showcase slider of the theme. Maximum dimensions 145×120 px (cropped if either dimension is larger). http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2010/08/23/featured-images/


    @jackjericho: You’ve made one post sticky, but you haven’t set a featured image to it.



    @timethief @panaghiotisadam – I must be thicker than a plank? Why does this logic not work for me? I have two posts under Photography, both are sticky, both have featured images. I was expecting to see a slider, but appear to have duplicates etc? Do either of you have any capacity to have a look? http://jackbrewis.wordpress.com/ Thanks a lot



    Ah, hold on, I think I have it now! The photography page is a menu, not a page. But also, I found the carousel under the blog page. Yay! No how do I remove the duplication under the photography section?



    Ok, so really I should have a single page for posts, use widget menu, and eliminate writing/photography menu?



    OK, got it – sheesh!


    a) The carousel will appear on your main posts page. If your front is set to display your latest posts, the carousel will appear on your front. If your front is set to display a static page and another page is set as your posts page, the carousel will appear on that page.

    b) Let’s clear up the terminology: In WP lingo, the whole strip of header tabs is your top nav menu. Each tab is a menu item. What your “Photography” tab linked to is a category or archive page, i.e. a dynamic page. A page such as your “About” is a static page.
    So: The default top nav menu of a theme automatically displays links to all your published (parent) static pages, in some themes with dropdowns to child pages, if you have created any. A custom top nav menu (created, arranged and rearranged manually) can display links to whatever you wish (static pages, dynamic pages, single posts, and even external links), with dropdowns to whatever you wish.



    Thanks for this thread. Solved my problem about hiding featured images.

    I would like to add to the conversation by asking-

    My post title is very long and is expanding the box. Anyway to set custom captions instead of post titles ?

    see here : http://themontaukgroup.wordpress.com/



    This theme works fine for me. But I am looking for advice on how to avoid showing a featured image twice in the post. when I set a featured image in a sticky post I get the same image twice in the same post, though they are slightly different in sizesThanks in advance



    If your front is set to display a static page and another page is set as your posts page, the carousel will appear on that page.

    The above did not work on my blog! Please check my settings here: My link

    My front page did not show the “About” page but the posts page. I want the carousel to show in my “About” page. Please help.

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