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Featured Image in Structure Theme

  1. I have created a new blog post and published it like normal with a featured image selected ( However when I open up my home page, the featured image section is simply a grey box. The image shows up fine when I go to the blog post itself but the homepage has an empty large grey box. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello
    I have noticed that we now have a forum thread from member about featured images disappearing from Inuit Types and from Structure. I'm thinking Staff may be working on theme templates and they may in fact be causing this. I'm flagging the 3 threads for Staff attention.

  3. I have another Structure-based blog, and Featured Images has stopped working for my blog as well. Any word on a resolution would be appreciated. Thanks. :-)

  4. I'm sorry but I have no word on a resolution. I have flagged all the threads (Structure, Inuit Types, Chateau) threads for Staff attention and to be moved to the Themes Forum. I can do no more.

  5. @bradandlindsey: The image that won't show up is 608x402 pixels. If you took care to upload images that have been pre-sized to the right dimensions (620x380), they would show up.

    @craiggav: You don't seem yo have set a featured image to the post that's currently your featured one.

  6. bradandlindsey

    @panaghiotisadam: Thanks for your help. That solved the issue immediately. I had no idea about the 620x380 (probably should have) but appreciate your expert help. Great job!

  7. outsiderswindow

    I have the same problem with my feature image theme, it was working a few days ago, and the same picture just vanished today. I also have the right size pixel dimensions, so that cant be it, any other thoughts? thanks :)

  8. @outsiderswindow: As I'm saying in the response I linked to, this must be a temporary bug, since featured images used to work even if not in the right dimensions. But in Structure correct dimensions does solve this problem. The image that should be showing in your homepage area is this:
    It's 445x267, not 620x380.

  9. @panaghiotisadam There is is fact a featured image set for the "October 17, 2011" post, as well as the "Broccoli robbed" post. But no new featured images I set are showing up at at on the site. It's not just the image box on head of the page.

    Is this something that's being worked on, or do I need to find a new theme for the site?

  10. Hi,
    My featured image In structure is also now not showing up after showing for the months it has been up there. the dimensions are 619 x 379?

  11. Mine isn't showing either when it was yesterday afternoon. Last night they claimed it could be something on their end but haven't heard anything else????? Frustrating!

  12. an update, on structure theme, I tweaked the image to exactly 620 x 380 and it worked! : ) odd that it worked before though pre tweaking!

  13. @craiggav: It's probably a glitch that will be corrected. But as I have already said, you wouldn't be having this problem if you uploaded images pre-sized to the right dimensions for the theme you're using (as we volunteers always recommend). The image that should be showing in your Homepage Top area is this:
    It's 600x224 pixels instead of 620×380.

  14. @panaghiotisadam @timethief I've used the Structure Theme for over a year now, and I've always been very careful about uploading images at their correct size (620 x 380 px for the featured images). Just in case, I've checked twice and in fact they are all correct. I can see some of the people here are resizing their images and solving the problem, but I can't do that, since the images have always been in the correct size. What can I do? When can I expect them to appear again? This is the website:

    I also checked ramdom posts throughout the whole site and none of the posts are showing the featured images.

    All other images (header, secondary-column images, home page images, etc.) do appear. This problem is only happening in the single post page, like here, where an image should show up at the top: (it does show up in the home page, though).

  15. This is not my blog or a personal page. It's my job, with thousands of visitors per week, so a lot depends on it. That's why I'm very concerned about this problem not being resolved.

  16. @panaghiotisadam sizing the images to 620 x 380 isn't solving the problem. It makes the featured image show up on the front page, but the featured image doesn't show up on the post itself. See , , compared to the main page

    It used to be that structure would resize images, and if that doesn't work anymore, that's fine, but even when images are the correct size, there's something that's not working properly.

  17. @jzanella and craiggav: yes I know guys. WP suddenly decided that featured images smaller than the recommended dimensions shouldn't work (because they get blown up so they lose quality). This is a very recent change and I guess they're still working on it.

  18. @panaghiotisadam So you think eventually images will show up again without me having to do something? Can I do anything besides waiting?

  19. Update on Structure: featured images will show up on the single post as well if their size is 640x392 pixels (or larger).

  20. Thank you @panaghiotisadam. Is this a temporary thing or is it the new standard? If it's the new standard: do i have to manually tweak every image I've posted on my blog in order for them to appear again in the single post view? Or do I wait for an automatic script, patch or something?

    So far I've made a few tests and it works fine. I've found two ways to solve this problem: 1) create the image again with the new size (640 x 392), upload it as the new featured image in the post, delete the old one and update the post, or 2) find the image in the library, update it, scale it, write 640 instead of 620 (a red exclamation sign appears) and save it. Both worked. The first one is huge work considering hundreds of images (plus embedded info). The second one is much faster but compromises quality.

    And just out of curiosity, where did you learn about this? And why would someone do something like this if he knows so many people will be affected unwillingly?

    Maybe nobody knows this but I'd like to hear your opinion: let's say I take the time to edit every single image in my blog so they appear again. Maybe next year they impose a new standard size and I loose everything again?

  21. You're welcome.

    It seems to be the new standard (not a temporary glitch, as I thought when the first complaints started arriving): there's a staff reply in a couple of related threads that calls the previous situation "a long standing bug" that was finally fixed.

    Their rationale is correct, for the reason I explained in my previous reply above: images smaller than what's right for the theme get blown up so they lose quality. But they should have thought of that when they started launching themes with featured images, not a year later. In my posts on these "special" themes, I recommended from the start that featured images should be in the right dimensions.

    Where did I learn about what exactly?

  22. outsiderswindow

    hello again :) I think Im a little lost with dimensions. How do I resize images to the exact dimension? and if the dimensions are slightly larger does this matter with the feature shot image? my blog still has no front cover image since a week ago :(

  23. You need to use an image editing application. Or you can use the WP image editor:

    No, it doesn't matter if the images are larger than the recommended dimensions: a larger image (slightly or not again doesn't matter) will show up. It's just that some part of it will be cropped (except if its dimensions and the recommended dimensions are in the same aspect ratio). If the image is larger but roughly the same shape, the cropping won't matter much. Buy you can't set a portrait-shaped image and expect much of it to show up.

  24. outsiderswindow

    @ panaghiotisadam, you have been so ever helpful, thank you so much for your time and advise, I will also give image editing a try too and will make sure I just keep on or a tad over the dimension sizing. Much Thanks :-)

  25. I'm new to wordpress and think this theme looks great.

    But i can't get the images of my posts appear in the grey box on the top. I've set the images as featured and edited the dimensions. They do show up above the post but not on the top...

    Am I doing something wrong or did I forget to check a box or something??

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