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    I’m a little confused as to how to get the home page featured image to appear within the Structure theme. Once I’d figured out how to select a featured image for a particular post, the featured images started appearing and I was as happy as could be. But something I’ve done since then — couldn’t tell you what — has made it so that the featured images I’ve selected stop appearing. As you’ll see, where once there there was an image featured on the front of my home page currently there is just a blank, which is exactly how my mind feels. Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is nonopleasestay.wordpress.com.



    The site, which doesn’t seem to appear automatically as part of my previous post, is nonopleasestay.wordpress.com.



    Hello there,
    Staff made some changes awhile ago and what’s key now is to be sure you are uploading images of the specific dimensions specified by the them and not relying on the cropper to chop or stretch them.
    Introduction to the Structure theme
    featured images


    yes featured images can be tricky….i made the mistake of changing my featured image 30 minutes before my new post so now i have my new post and my previous posts showing the same featured image.
    Any idea how i can change the featured image back without screwing up my new featured image??? will anyone understand this question? Thanks Brooke



    I figured out some stuff since I posted the question. Hopefully I can answer yours.
    For me, it was a matter of using Categories. Under Appearance > Theme Options, you can “Select which category to use for the front page featured post.” You can either select a category or you can select “None; use the most recent post.” I created an entirely different category called “Featured Posts,” just to make it easy.

    Good luck.

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