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    How do I hide the ‘featured image’ (header on page) in the photo gallery published on that page?

    The blog I need help with is blogderzuchten.wordpress.com.


    Ummm, we can’t hide headers (if you are talking about the image at the very top of the theme above the navigation bar) on individual pages.

    There is a “no sidebar” template for pages you create that hides the sidebar, but nothing to hide the header.


    I don’t want to hide the header, but this ‘featured image’ appears also once again in the ‘photo gallery’ published on that same page. F.e. I choose 4 images (same size) for my gallery but the gallery includes also the featured images (which is used as header and cropped to an other size). Is it possible to hide it, or switch it of in the gallery list before publishing?


    Since your blog is private, I can’t even take a look.

    Contact staff directly at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ .


    It is a new blog I’m trying out, not published yet.


    Post featured images are set by you when you create a post. There is a “featured image” module in the post editor page. Open the post you want to remove the featured image from and in the featured image module, click “remove featured image.”


    That blog is set to private. I’m just a volunteer here in the forums and I cannot look at private blogs.


    oh sorry, I did not unlock it! Thankx!



    When you use the featured image option in the Twenty Ten theme it will display the image as custom header for that post or page you can see the difference by visiting these links.

    Default custom header example » http://wpxpert.wordpress.com/
    Featured image with the 2010 theme » http://wpxpert.wordpress.com/archives/about-2/

    See also this support entry that explains Featured Images > http://en.support.wordpress.com/featured-images/

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