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    1) I’m using Edin Theme. I want to add a featured image which i created. Unfortunately, the image i add as the featured image on my front page is zoomed and blurred. (now i have reverted to the old image). How to ensure that the featured image is always the size which I created. i followed the Edin image requirements cited on their support (1230×1230). This didn’t work either.

    2) Also, i would like to know if i can have a slider in featured image. I want to slide a few images on the front page.

    Help is much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is designunbounded.wordpress.com.




    Unfortunately I can’t see what you mean since the image seems to displaying properly. Depending on the screen size you are using, this theme will actively crop and resize your Featured Image to accurately display it across all devices.

    For your other question, you cannot do a slider feature with this template unfortunately. Here is an article more on that and in the article it showcases some themes that allow for “Flexible Headers”.

    Thank you


    Hi.. Thanks. i’ll have a look at the flexible header option.
    Another issue which i see now is that some wierd advertisements are being displayed on my site. These ads display right on the featured content. I’m not able to remove these.. All these days, i had never seen such ads, but now i see them everytime I visit my site. Could you please let me know why this happens and help me getting rid of these ads.




    Howdy, I have gone through your website and haven’t seen any ad’s at all. Would you be able to provide a direct link to a page where you do notice ads?

    I am going to tag the WordPress team so that they can more directly help you.

    Thank you kindly



    Hi @designunbounded, I see ads but nothing out of the ordinary for a free site. Typically on free sites, users may see ads based on their location whether they are logged in.

    They shouldn’t be covering up any content though, so if you’ll get a screenshot of what you see and upload it to wordpress.com/media, then update us here, we’ll take a look.


    Thanks for your reply. I have uploaded the screen shot of the ad which is covering my featured content.
    Please see that here:

    I dont mind showing up the ads, but am concerned when the Ads cover my featured content. Please do the needful to remove the Ad from my featured content.




    Ah, thank you. Yeah that isn’t right – I’ll contact our ads team to figure out what’s wrong.



    Regarding the original question, by the way, I’d recommend going with a premium plan and using CSS to gain more control over the way the header background displays. Or you could separate the background from the text then use CSS to position your phrases according to screen width.

    Hope that helps :)


    Hi. Thanks a lot for your response.

    Eventually, i’ll surely take the premium plan, however, at this moment, i have just started this website to get more visitors to my site, to create brand awareness.

    Are there any discounts or offers running at the moment for the business plan?



    @designunbounded we tend to just run regular pricing, and offer discounts for upgrading from an existing plan (so you’d get a discount for upgrading from personal to premium, for example, so you’re not spending that money twice.)

    It looks like this theme actually does squish down your image quite nicely on other screen sizes, so you should be OK for now.

    For tips on building your audience, we’e got resources here:

    and even more here:

    Hope that helps! We’d love to see you succeed here :)


    Thank you very much for your help.

    Now i dont see the ads.. Thanks for making this happen.

    Yes, the Edin theme is a wonderful theme and works nicely on all devices.. & browsers..

    Thanks again.



    Thanks @designunbounded. Hopefully the ads will stay in more normal locations from here.

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