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    Hi all,

    Trying to move from Tumblr to WordPress but have this last final issue that im hoping someone can help with. First please keep in mind that im using free wordpress, so i have no access to the custom site code that i know of.

    Im using the theme Ideation & Intent found at Ideation & Intent

    The Featured Image never shows at all on the main blog page, I use ‘Insert Image’ via URL but i go to advanced settings for the image and have tried all different dimensions but sadly it wont work.

    Any ideas how to fix this issue

    The blog I need help with is irelandstechnologyblog.wordpress.com.



    Featured Images are tricky buggers. You would THINK that it would automatically select the one image in the post, or maybe the first if there’s more than one.


    You have to go to your Gallery or Media Library, choose the image you want as featured image, hit Show, and in the detail box right down at the very bottom is a line that says Use as Featured Image. Click that. Then close the pop-up. Then update the post.



    “I use ‘Insert Image’ via URL”
    You can’t do that: featured images have to be uploaded from your computer to your blog.
    “but i go to advanced settings for the image”
    You don’t do that either: all the options and settings found in the image popup window apply to regularly inserted images, not to featured images.

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