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Featured image mistake

  1. Sorry for pestering once more, but it's all to do with partial template changes and correcting/cleaning up old posts...

    When I uploaded a picture, I wondered what 'use as featured image' meant, and clicked it. The upload machine saved it, and that was all there is to it. Only later I discovered via the Forum it had to do with an image that gets featured on the homepage and on every post automatically. I don't get to see it, so I suppose it is only applicable for upgraded themes? If not, where do I find the option to remove the image again?

  2. The function of a featured image is theme-dependent. From the support documentation and the Themes Showcase information on the theme:

    Dusk to Dawn
    An image that works best with images at least 588 wide. and

  3. You can edit and remove the featured image by locating the far left column on the Admin side of the post and locating the Featured Image module. There you can click the "Remove featured image" link and then click "update".

  4. OMG.
    It's the next jpeg upload that got featured on the post. Fortunately in the Preview, but I really have to get rid of it.

  5. I am using the same theme on my personal blog. Before I answered you I did exactly what I told you to do to remove the featured image in my test blog. If you proceed as instructed above I believe you will remove the featured image.

  6. Sorry timethief, we crossed each other and I was frantically searching for the removal option.

    What I did was delete the image completely, and re-load it as a normal post image.It now is no longer there as an 'extra' post image. At least, I don't see it anymore.

    What confused me, is that I clicked the feature button during an altogether different jpeg upload. The double image effect happened with the next image, for another post. And during that upload, I certainly did not click the 'Feature' link.

    But I understand why I didn't became a header image, for such another upload is needed, in Appearance.

    I really must stop scaring myself.

  7. Lol, maybe it makes a bit more sense if I give you the link...

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