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Featured image not appearing on shared links

  1. I set a featured image on my blog but it did not show up when I tried to share it on LinkedIn and Facebook. I have done this many times before and every time the featured image always appeared on LinkedIn and Facebook postings.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry, but nothing there relates to my problem since I'm getting it with both LinkedIn and Facebook and it only happened this one time.

  3. Did you or did you not address the Facebook debugging?

  4. I did the debugging. Saw nothing there that made sense to this problem

  5. Unfortunately, we have no control over the images that Facebook chooses to display or when they choose to flush their image caches. We really only send them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include. From:
    Read also:

  6. Same problem with LinkedIn this not just a Facebook problem

  7. It's not an uncommon problem at all. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to assist you.

  8. OK, thanks. I look forward to the assistance.

  9. Staff work from the earliest dated threads forward and bumping threads simply means the date/time moves forward so it takes longer to get help.

  10. Can you please give us a link to the post with the problem?

  11. Ok, I see what you mean. Ultimately, we don't have the final say in what image Facebook chooses (or doesn't choose). Typically, the featured image should be used, but when it's not actually included in the post content, Facebook may ignore it.

  12. Thanks. But same thing occurred on LinkedIn. And this is the only one. If I try to post a previous blog again (such as the one the week before) the thumbnail photo appears. So I don't believe this is a Facebook or LinkedIn issue.

  13. Right, the same is true for LinkedIn. All we can do is suggest the image. It's up to them to actually use it.

    Typically they have a very limited set of criteria given size and other factors.

  14. Maybe they don't like Margaret Thatcher

  15. I doubt it, but you never know these days. :)

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