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    When I review movies or TV shows, I like to upload a special image related to the show as the featured image for that post’s header/banner. This has always worked fine in the past. WordPress crops the image to the right dimensions, and it adds extra personality to that post.

    Then, when I posted this review in March, the featured image didn’t show up, even though the “Edit” page shows it is uploaded and there. Likewise with the review I just posted now of “The Secret of Kells” — the beautiful banner image doesn’t appear! Does anyone know why this is the case and how I can get these images to show up in the header like they’re supposed to?

    (If it matters, the images are JPGs.)

    Thanks to anyone who can help me!

    The blog I need help with is twilightswarden.wordpress.com.



    Is this the guide you followed? Are you also uploading image of the correct dimensions? The header image is 960 pixels wide and 262 pixels high.
    Chateau theme description> http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/chateau/


    Thanks for reply so quickly, timethief.

    Yes, those are the steps I followed. I clicked “Set featured image,” uploaded the image, clicked “Use as featured image,” and then hit Publish. And later, when I made some revisions and tried to trouble-shoot the featured image, I made sure to hit Update.

    The image isn’t the exact dimensions for the header, but that’s never stopped the theme before: it always either crops or squishes the picture to the 960×262 dimensions. My image is 800×457, and the nature of the picture means that it doesn’t look significantly different when squished into the header dimensions. On the Edit page for the post, under Featured Image, it shows my uploaded picture right there and looking great in the proper header dimensions. It just doesn’t show up on the actual page that my readers see — my default custom header shows instead.



    image is 800×457

    Awhile back now Staff made some chnages. To make a long story short if the featured images are oversized they will be cropped and displayed. If they are undersized there will be a “no show”. You may want to post into this thread > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/wp-changed-format-of-my-pictures-why/page/15?replies=441


    Huh! That must have been it, then. I went to the original image on my computer and increased the size so the dimensions were well over the 900×457. Then I reuploaded it and tried over again, and now it seems to work.

    Thanks for your help! I probably wouldn’t have figured that out on my own, especially since the problem was caused by recent changes and hasn’t apparently affected any of my previous posts. It’s still kind of a pain, since before the change it seemed to work fine and stretch a smaller picture to fit, but oh well. I’m glad I know what to do now. Thanks again!

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