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    I just began using a theme that utilizes the Featured Image function and posted my first article today using it. I am disappointed that the featured image was not included in the email sent to my subscribers.

    Is this “normal” and how can it be corrected?

    The blog I need help with is hundredgoals.com.



    Some email clients do include images and videos and some do not. We have no control over that.



    The photos worked fine in emails prior to upgrading to my new theme which uses Featured Images (rather than inserting them directly into the post.)

    This leads me to believe it’s not the email client that’s the problem. It seems like the photo isn’t “attached” to the article. I’m also noticing that when I try to share a link to the article on Facebook, the image doesn’t show up there as a thumbnail either.

    I’m not sure what the fix is to solve this problem, but it doesn’t seem to be something on my end and is likely an issue with coding (or something similar.)

    Happiness Engineers, please help!?

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