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    Hi, for some reason when we choose a featured image, then publish, the image won’t show on the blog homepage. We’ve tried several different images per blog post and with different authors. This problem started yesterday and after trying 5 or 6 times with each post the image would eventually show, but we can’t get it to work today at all.

    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is ironingboardcollective.wordpress.com.


    Yes! I am not going crazy.

    I’m working on the Chateau theme and my featured images are showing up on two pages of six. But the featured images are showing up as downloaded in the post page for all and are sized correctly.

    Please keep me posted on any developments. I’m launching my new blog on Halloween and don’t know what else to do. Argh!


    @michaelvonbraithwaite: The image must be presized to the right dimensions for the homepage top area. See here:
    And please link to your blog when asking questions.

    @addresshouseofcorrections: Please stop posting everywhere about this – your question has been answered.



    I don’t know about Structure or Chateau but in Inuit Types, I have used the sizing recommended by a certain Panos at WP Tips but it still doesn’t work . Any ideas ?


    @merovee: That certain Panos is me. This is a change that WP decided yesterday or so, and I guess they’re still working on it. Last time I checked, properly sized featured images in Inuit Types work for 2-column featured posts but not for 1-column ones.



    Actually even improperly sized featured images are working in my 2 column Inuit posts right now. Mine are sized correctly for 1 column but since that wasn’t working I broke down and temporarily switched to the 2 column and there they are…



    @iwilkerson: depends on what one means by properly and improperly. Images larger than the recommended dimensions work, smaller ones don’t.


    Im having same issue, all of the sudden none of the featured images are showing up on the home page of the structure theme, doesnt matter what size they are they just dont show up! Anyone get a fix for this yet?


    @springhillmortgagelender: For starters, link your username to your blog.


    Blog: natchuralehair.com Username: Natchurale

    Having same featured image concerns as other users of the free Structure Theme. Re-sizing the photo has no bearing on whether it shows or not as evidenced by two showing now on http://natchuralehair.com, both of different sizes. I’m an experienced WordPress user with several blogs as well. I’m using the free structure theme for another blog and it’s functioning perfectly.

    Currently the issues are:

    1. Featured image not working despite any re-sizing efforts.
    2. The dashboard is not accessible from the drop down bars to the top left nor under the “My blogs” option.
    3. Posts are missing the option for editing within the post when the admin is signed in.

    Has anyone figured this out yet? Thank you for sharing insights.



    There is certainly a problem. Not only are correctly sized images not working, but previously working pages have stopped showing featured images. This affects me with the Coraline theme too. Many more people complain of it on this thread.

    I wish that staff would let us know what’s going on and when we can expect a fix.


    Thanks for the Tip panaghiotisadam, I didnt even realize that it went back to an old website. In any case, this is still a problem, and as mentioned also effecting old posts. Doesnt seem to matter what size or how many times I try to set the featured image, the area on the home page is blank. Not a good thing if you are using your blog for driving any business. I’m really surprised this isnt monitored or being resolved.


    @natchuralehair: Did you read my previous replies?

    The image that should be showing in your homepage top area is this:
    It’s 590×332 pixels. If it was 620×380 (or larger), it would show.

    In case there’s a misunderstanding: presizing means creating a properly sized image in an image editing application before uploading it, not resizing via the image tool of the post editor: the sizing options have no effect on featured images.

    And as I said above, this is a change that WP decided yesterday or so, and I guess they’re still working on it. At the moment properly sized images in Structure will show on the homepage top area but not in the single post view (if you have enabled that option).

    @tandava108: Properly sized images in Coraline do work. The right size for Coraline is 990×180 pixels.


    @springhillmortgagelender: You’re welcome. For the rest, see my reply to natchuralehair. Like hers, your image is smaller (550×326):


    panaghiotisadam, OK just resized, and to make sure I also tried using yours you sent. Still nothing showing :(


    Mine I sent? Which mine I sent?


    DUH, Ok I got it now. As usual operator error. For whatever bizzare reason I thought when you posted the link of my image you actually resized it. Ok so I hadnt had the coffee just then, now that the caffeene has kicked in and I actually re-read the post, resized to the right size and blamo all is good in the world again! Thank sooo much! Sorry to be a bumbling idiot early in the AM :)


    You’re welcome!

    As you realized, the URL above was your own image – just to demonstrate it wasn’t in the right dimensions. I could have resized it and send it to you, but I couldn’t possibly send you an image resized by me but having the address of your blog in its URL.


    Update on Structure: featured images will show up on the single post as well if their size is 640×392 pixels (or larger).


    Thanks everybody!

    My issue seemed to resolve when I started using featured images that were sized to 1024 x 1024 or larger. When I tried smaller sizes it wouldn’t show up. I did try the 640×392 pixels and that didn’t work for me.

    @natchuralehair, I haven’t had any of those other issues with Structure. Not sure what’s going on with that.

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