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    I have successfully set Featured Images on several of my pages, but on my Blog Page – “Members Forum”, it still displays the Home Page Header image. I admit that I find the difference between Pages & Posts to be confusing, but the dashboard looks the same re: setting a Featured Image and it shows the new desired image, but not on the browser side.

    The blog I need help with is blackswanestates.wordpress.com.



    Your blog is private and we cannot see it and which theme you are using. Which theme are you using?

    What’s key is that you must optimize and presize images offline prior to uploading them to your blog. Featured images must be the correct dimensions specified by the theme you are using.
    posts vs page
    featured image


    The theme is 2010 and I’m using the exact right image size of 940 x 198 pixels. Should I email the log on info to you, Timethief?




    We Volunteers do not provide support by email. It also appears your image is correctly sized. Twenty Ten replaces regular header image when viewing single post or static page. For dimensions see Header images (cropped if larger, no show if smaller).
    Twenty Ten dimensions – 940 x 198 I’m at a loss here so I hope another Volunteer can help you.



    Are you sure the image extension is one that’s allowed?
    You can upload the following image types to a post or page on your WordPress.com blog:
    troubleshooting images


    My blog is for my neighborhood association and is private because I’m still working on it. However, tonight is supposed to be the big “preview” for them, so I’m trying to work out a few glitches, this being the worst.

    Would it be possible for me to make it public briefly so you can take a look and then “lock it up” again? Would that work?

    I appreciate your time.


    Darn! I was hoping it was a mis-labeled file, but it is indeed a jpeg file and correctly labeled as .jpg. I just resaved the file, reuploaded, reset as feature image and still am stumped.


    Featured header images work when you view a single post or a static page – not when you view a dynamic page such as your main posts page.

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