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Featured image not showing

  1. I have a featured image on which I also wanted to use on

    It is 1977x498 pixels, and I am using Coraline.

    I followed the instructions on your help page (full size, use as featured image, update) but the featured image refuses to appear. Why is this?
    Blog url:

  2. The image actually uploaded flipped, so the dimensions are 498 × 1968.

    Please try rotating the image in an image editor first, then upload it again.

  3. Thank you. Interesting - the image on my hard drive is W 1977 pixels and H 498 pixels, ie, the right way up. How could it have flipped in the process of uploading?

    It uploaded fine on , which I put up in March 2012.

    However, I took your word for it, and rotated the image, it's properties now say that it is W 498 pixels, and H 1977 pixels (and the pears are lying sideways). When I loaded this rotated image, it worked, and the pears are upright.

    Doesn't this mean that the image is being flipped in the process of uploading, and that it might be something to do with, or Coraline? I am using Windows 7 and Firefox 3.6.26, both of which I was using in March.

  4. Ah, that version of Firefox might be the problem.

    Please try installing the latest version, 15.0.1.

  5. I'm quite happy to do that, but I was using the same (or older) version of Firefox in March, and the uploading did not flip the image then....

  6. Yeah, we do have to drop support for older browser at some point, in order to move along with the latest web technologies.

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