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Featured image not showing up

  1. bluelilydesign

    My featured image isn't showing up on my main page. How do I get it to show up?

    Thank you for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please consult the theme description here
    The live demo site is here >

    Take note of the explanation and instructions in the "featured Images" section

    If no featured image is assigned, Hatch will attempt to pull the first attached image in your post. If no image is attached, the theme displays a light gray placeholder.

    Blog/Archive pages: 220 x 150
    Single Posts: 640 wide, flexible height
    Logo: 115 wide, flexible height

    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.

  3. bluelilydesign

    Thanks timethief...Is there a page for why gallery isn't showing up either. There's so much to learn here. :)

  4. The "gallery" on the front page is created by following the instructions provided for featured images here > Note that featured image size is critical.

    However, if you are referring to a gallery in a post or page then see here >

  5. bluelilydesign

    Thanks and do you know where the link to making your blog like a website is? I will try not to bug you anymore today. :) You've been an awesome help, thank you.

  6. A blog is a post based website designed for interactive communication.

    A website is a page based site designed to operate as a one way means of communication ie. in essence it's a noticeboard.

    Any WordPress blog can be restructured from being post based to being page based. For greater clarity read >
    Then see here >

    The only themes we can use on free hosted blogs are found here

    On one hand, none of the characteristic "blog" features like categories, tags, authors, dates, etc. can be removed from a free hosted blog, without purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.

    On the other hand, one can edit a theme free of charge. Read the comparison > and The Differences

  7. I see that you have created a "blog" page.

    By default this is the front page of your blog is
    and it's the page by default that all published posts, not pages will display on.

    If you want to change that to a static front page then you must create two Pages.

    One will be for the front Page titled whatever you want like Welcome, for example and one will be for your posts to display on, titled for example, Posts.

    After you do that then you go to > Settings > Reading and make the designation change and click “save changes”.

  8. bluelilydesign

    I have it now as to where the home page is set at home with all the pictures. Which is there a way to make them to where you can't click on them? Also, is there a way to remove the words home or blog that appear on the actual page?

  9. By creating a custom menu you can include exactly what you want in it like the Home page you created and exclude what you do not want from it. To create a custom menu on your free hosted blog see here

  10. Also, is there a way to remove the words home or blog that appear on the actual page?

    See f under "Other options, special cases and tricks"

  11. the pictures. Which is there a way to make them to where you can't click on them?

    Here are more details about the options for uploading images. Note “None“: clicking on the inserted image has no effect.

  12. bluelilydesign

    I am so confused now. haha! I so wish you could do this for me. I deleted and will start over as everything was getting messy.

  13. Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs. That said, make no mistake about that fact that doing this for you amounts to paying job; it's not a freebie. :)

  14. bluelilydesign

    Yes, I know. So, I created a page for the home page and it is still showing up as the main page with everything on the sides and I wanted to keep that just as the main page with nothing else on it. I created that to be the static page. Not sure how to get that to the static page and the blog page as the one with all the things on the side.

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