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Featured image not showing up in RSS feed

  1. I moved to the 2013 theme about a month or so ago and a friend recently pointed out to me that the image for some of my posts was not showing up in the feed.

    After closer inspection, it appears that any posts that are using the Featured Image feature (and only the featured image) are not showing up in the RSS feed.

    Is this a glitch to just the 2013 theme, or something I'm missing in general? Thanks!

    [:: Sean ::]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If the images were indeed uploaded into your blog and are in your Media Library ie. they are on servers then they ought to be found as Media files in your RSS feed for posts If the featured images are images that are least 724 wide, are on servers and aren't appearing in the RSS feed this is indeed odd. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond. Will you please provide the URLs for the featured image posts involved here?

  3. Thank you for tagging this post!

    The most recent article in question is this one:

    The image is using the featured image and is a large one. While the post itself only renders it at 604 pixels, the original uploaded image was larger and you can see that if you go to the "raw" url

    I did a fresh "read" of my rss file using Feedly to make sure nothing old was cached. Sure enough there are some images missing:

    I also tested in Google Reader

    I even did a quick test in Netvibes with similar results.

    Hopefully this helps. Thanks!

    [:: Sean ::]

  4. @dillieo Can you clarify please:

    1. Posts with featured images are not appearing in feed or ...
    2. Featured images are not appearing in feed?

    Thanks. My guess is it's not related to the theme, but we can investigate.

  5. Thanks for your time Lance!

    The issue I'm having is #2. Features images are not appearing in the feed. I took a stab over at newsblur as well and it seems to not work their either...

    It could be I'm confusing things here too. Whenever I post just an image, or for my old articles in which I posted an image to it and typed up my article, that image would should up as the "preview" image in the RSS feed. I'd see it in Feedly or Netvibes, or elsewhere.

    However, now that I'm using featured images, the featured image is not showing up as my "preview" image in my RSS feed and I've been trying with various tools just to make sure its not something with App X's way of handling feeds.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for your time.

    [:: Sean ::]

  6. Hi Sean, turns out this isn't specific to Twenty Thirteen—but to how WordPress itself works. The featured image isn't part of the post content, so the feed won't show it (regardless of the app you use to consume the RSS feed).

    So it's up to you—if the image is essential to you as part of the feed, you might be better off putting it into the post content instead of using it as a featured image.

  7. @Lance
    I was reluctant about going out an a limb and stating what you did, despite the fact I experienced what you stated in my test blog. I simply didn't wish to have any other Volunteer who knows more about themes than I do posting "wrong answer". Thanks so much for the confirmation. I have bookmarked this thread.

  8. Thanks for the info Lance! It is greatly appreciated.

    I think it would be beneficial to users (especially since featured images are becoming more and more commonplace in usage) to have the featured image included in the rss feed.

    Where might I go to make a suggestion to the dev team along these lines?

    Thanks all for your help!

  9. Where might I go to make a suggestion to the dev team along these lines?

    You just did. :) I've recorded it as a suggestion—actually adding to another request, so you know you're not the first one to suggest it.

    Thanks for the debugging info to help track this down easily and the suggestion.

  10. Not a prob! Thank you for adding my name to the tally. Feel free to contact me if you need any more details or need a "live" blog to test some updates against.

  11. @lance,

    One can specify which images appear in feeds and also which appear in emails to subscribers by using the custom excerpt function. You can choose what which and how to send out the feed via custom excerpts. None of this is documented in the Support articles.

    While the custom excerpt function is only available in a few themes for the front page display, and available for some others for display in archives and categories, from my experience it has worked in many many many themes on my test sites for what goes out as feeds for sites.

    I've not tested this for every theme, but can you confirm that what I'm saying is true (as my tests indicate it is so), and would this be a useful bit of information in the support documents.

    I have answered many questions on this topic of choosing an image in this forum and believe many others would be happy to know how to do it.

  12. Very nice! Thanks for this info 1tess!

    So how would I go about doing this? I opened up one of my posts with the featured image, and then I expanded my screen options and checked the box that says "excerpt".

    Now I have the excerpt post box visible. I can put my custom text (I'll just dump everything up to my "more" tag. In here.

    For the image, since the generated HTML isn't present, do I need to pull up the media library and find the URL they give for that image to dump it in, or is there another way?

    I see this as a handy workaround for now, but if I wind up posting from a mobile device, I'd be out of luck yes?

  13. Twenty Thirteen does not have an active excerpt box under the post editor. I tested that yesterday.

  14. If Themes Staff choose to activate it then see here >

  15. Good to know. Thanks!

  16. Yes, Twenty Thirteen does. All of the themes do. It may not work for front, archives, or categories, but it is available. I just tried it and it is there!

    If it does not appear, then you go to top right of your screen and click "screen options" to click on the "excerpts" module.

  17. @Tess
    That's so strange. Is it because my test blog is "private".

    All of these are enabled
    Show on screen
    Likes and Shares Categories Tags Format Featured Image Excerpt Send Trackbacks Discussion Comments Slug Author Revisions Writing Helper

  18. @dillieo,
    The custom excerpt module is a text (code) editor so you have to paste code into it. If you paste from the visual editor, it won't work.

    You can make a draft post with the custom text and image in it. Then copy the code from the text editor to paste into your excerpt module. You cannot use embeds or shortcodes, but images work perfectly.

  19. timethief, the test blogs I use are all private and I can see the excerpt module. very strange indeed.

  20. I did verify that I could get the excerpt to work (I used shorter text) and I saw the shorter text in my RSS feed. You can go to and scroll down a little to the "Fresh Perspective" post.

    Oddly enough I'm not seeing the shortened version in some of the places I go to try to resubscribe, nor do I see the image. Then again, I wonder if I have to tag the image specially or not, I just dumped the straight URL to the image.

  21. @dillieo
    No the straight url will only show the url. You need to have to complete code for the picture to show. That is why I said to make a draft post with the image inserted, then copy all the code to paste into the excerpt module.

  22. birthday dinner starting so I'll be away for a while…
    it's a mystery though so keep talking.

  23. Excellent. Thanks!

    I'm getting ready to head out shortly myself, so I'll give this a peek again on Monday. I should be able to piece the rest together.

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