Featured Image not showing up when I share on facebook ?

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    Hey There WP peeps,

    For two weeks now I have been sharing my posts on my facebook fan page and my personal page and featured images/thumbnails aren’t appearing. Its quite frustrating.

    Please someone tell me how to fix this !!!

    The blog I need help with is misslollylovesfood.com.



    I was wondering if you solved your problem. I have the same thing happening. Suddenly my featured image stopped showing on Facebook when I share it a few days ago. I’m using the same theme and nothing has changed.
    Would appreciate some help if you got anywhere with this.



    I shared your post on Facebook [nice post BTW and great blog :) ]
    I didn’t see anything unusual. The issue looks from Facebook side as you can not control thumbnails to be shown on Facebook mostly. Clear your caches and try it once again.


    Hey there,

    Somehow it fixed itself ??? weirdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    What about yours jheidar?



    No luck! Cleared cache, tried using a different browser and still nothing! :(
    This is really making sharing my blog difficult.

    Thanks for visiting the blog @hnsaifi :)

    @misslollylovesfood, any luck with you?

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