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    Hello, I am using the Boardwalk theme and I’d like to know if there is a way to display the full featured image on individual pages instead of cropping it to fit the mobile format?

    For example, on the mobile version of this page, the face is cropped out of the picture..

    I’m on the free plan so it would help if there is a way to get around this without upgrading. Thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is heizeline.wordpress.com.



    Hi @heizeline ,

    I have played around with the Boardwalk theme on my test site. The following is not specifically mentioned on the theme info page, but is what I have found with this theme.

    Boardwalk takes the featured image of a post/page and crops it to the window size of the device the post/page is being viewed on. So, regardless of whether you are viewing the site on a mobile or not, the image will be cropped off to match the window it is being displayed in.

    Since you are on a free plan with WordPress.com, my best solution for you would be to switch to a theme that does not crop images like that. Some themes I can suggest would be…

    Let me know if this info helps. All the best!



    Hello! Thanks for the help and observation – I have decided to change the image to a versatile one instead. Nonetheless, thanks for the suggestions!



    Hey, glad you’ve figured something out. Thanks for getting back :)

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