Featured Image on static page (Imbalance 2 theme) not showing up on front page?

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    The blog I need help with is francescapera.wordpress.com.



    By default the front page of your blog displays all posts. The 404 (page not found) error message on the front page of the blog appeared because the Admin of the blog deleted the placeholder Hello World post. http://en.support.wordpress.com/not-found/ As soon as you publish a post, not a page it will disappear. Read the differences between Pages and Posts.



    Imbalance 2 offers two layout options, fluid and fixed.
    Fluid means the width changes according to screen resolution (or the width of browser) your visitors use.
    Fixed means the width does not change according to screen resolution (or the width of browser) your visitors use.

    Consult the Imbalance 2 theme description
    Imbalance 2 live demo site

    Column one is the blog title and tagline; you edit them in Settings > General.
    Columns two and three are for two menus; you create and load them in Appearance > Menus – instructions here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/
    Column four is for widgets; you add them in Appearance > Widgets.

    You need to set a featured image in each post in order to see the thumbnail in imbalance 2.

    Click on the module that has ‘featured image’ in it (if you don’t see the module, look at the top of the editor window for ‘screen options’ and check it’) then the image editor will appear. Browse to the image you want to use, via that, in the usual way, and then when you’ve found it, click the ‘featured image’ and when it appears in the module (outside the edit box) just close the image editor, and save your post as usual. An image that works best with featured images at least 210 wide.


    Thanks for the quick response — will do.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)


    Just had a chance to review timethief’s recommendations. I am still not seeing the Featured Image from my static pages on the front page. Any other suggestions out there?


    @francescapera, I’m seeing one post and one featured image on your main page.

    Post title: Hello
    Image: Looks like a tri-fold flyer with images on right and left and block of text in the center.


    Yes, the only Featured Image that’s showing up is the one from my post “Hello.” Unfortunately, the Featured Images from the static pages under GRAPHICS PORTFOLIO (websites and enewsletters) are not showing up.


    I just tried setting a featured image on a page in imbalance on one of my test blogs and it doesn’t show up. I also see no indication on the theme description page that imbalance supports featured images on static pages. I’m kind of getting the feeling from looking around that it supports featured images only on posts, which then show up only on the main (posts) page.

    This post by Panos (resident theme guru volunteer) also seems to indicate no featured image on static pages, just for posts that show on the main page.



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    I use Imbalance 2 and yes, the featured image feature works for posts shown on the front page and archives/category pages only.

    It does not become a header image for single posts, nor does it appear on static pages. (And why that is an option for static pages is a mystery!)

    One can also use a custom excerpt on the front page and category archive pages. Instead of just choosing a featured image, why not have both a chosen image plus custom text.

    And it might be possible with some code trickery to make a specific image appear instead of the header image on static pages using something like described here:
    But it would be a lot easier to just insert the image into your page.

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