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    I am trying out the Showcase page on Twenty Eleven, and set a featured image to go with my sticky (featured post) that appears at the top of the page. But when I click “continue reading” to view the complete post, the image does not appear on the page. My understanding was that the featured image would automatically become the header image on the complete post’s page.

    How do I get the featured image to appear on the complete post?


    The blog I need help with is mygrandmotherstrunk.wordpress.com.



    Does reading this help?

    To get started with the custom Showcase Page Template you need to create a page for it. Choose the Showcase Template under page templates in any page, save it, and assign it as the front page in Settings → Reading. This will change your site from the standard Twenty Eleven blog look to Twenty Eleven’s fancy showcase. You still have you regular blog list at hand for several views, like categories, searches, and tags and you can specify another page to work as your blog if you want to.

    To add posts to the Featured Post section just mark some posts as sticky. That’s all there is to it.

    To have a big featured image you need to use an image that is at least as big as the header image (1000px x 288px). Also, make sure you have a set size for Large image under Settings → Media that allows for such sizes. http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/twentyeleven/



    Sorry — I should have included my blog. It is http://mygrandmotherstrunk.wordpress.com/

    I think I’ve done everything the instructions told me to. Is there something I’m missing regarding the Featured Image?



    My image is the right size for my featured post. I like how it looks on the Showcase page. My only problem is clicking on the post and then arriving at the complete post page, where the image is nowhere to be found. I don’t care if it shows up as the header or not — I just want an image somewhere on the post’s page.


    “My image is the right size for my featured post”. Maybe, but it’s not the right size for the “complete post page”. As timethief explained, and as my posts explain, a featured image in 2011 will show up on the single post view (replacing the regular header image) if it’s 1000×288 pixels (or larger). If you don’t want it in the header, and if you don’t want a full-width image on the showcase page, then you must use a regularly inserted image instead of a featured one.

    By the way, you might be interested in this:



    I see. But if I use a larger image for the complete post page, then it won’t float to the right of my content on the Showcase page. Is there a way to have an image on both pages?

    THANK YOU for the Etsy widget link! I have been looking everywhere for a solution to that problem!

    All your help is much appreciated.


    You’re welcome.

    You can set the image as a featured image as well as insert it in the post the regular way.

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