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    After I switched over to Choco, all my images had a grey box around them. It looked really tacky. I searched the forum and found that if I put 0 for the border in the advanced image settings, the border went away. I still have to go thru some of my older posts to fix that problem but have been doing it for all the new ones.

    I am participating in a blog week and wanted to use their logo as a featured image. If I pick that image for the featured image, I don’t get the advanced settings to change the border & it has the grey border around it. I can change it in the article itself and even if I click on featured image after I change it, I still get the border. Is there a way to make the border go away for featured images?

    I don’t have any featured images set because of the way it looks, but I know everyone asks for a link to the blog. I also put a link to one of the articles that does have the grey box around all the images. It looks really bad with the down arrows!



    The blog I need help with is kellywpa.wordpress.com.


    Image settings apply to regularly inserted images only, not “featured” images. To change the latter you need the paid CSS upgrade.



    Thank you panaghiotisadam!


    Hey there,, Kelly

    Im sorry but you will have to edit the featured image class in the CSS after buying the CSS upgrade. Otherwise, it can’t be done in regular wordpress.com websites for featured posts. :(

    But wait, about that grey border! I know changing themes takes pain. And if you purchase the CSS upgrade you might even escape the labor of manually removing image borders in your older posts by directly editing the default image class.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!



    Thanks Truthwhispers. I have read that CSS is not something easy to use. I like to keep things simple. I guess I won’t be using a featured image!



    All CSS editing on wordpress.com blogs is theme specific. The CSS editing upgrade is not recommended to those who don’t have at least a moderate understanding of HTML and CSS. This is because there is no Staff support and little Volunteer support for it so you are expected to work on your own.



    Thanks Timethief – that is what I though. I have very, very limited understanding of HTML and none of CSS.

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