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Featured Image Problems

  1. I'm having a heckuva time with the Featured Image function. It worked perfectly first try on several of my pages, but several other pages insist on showing the front page image no matter what I try, and in spite of the image I want clearly showing in the Featured Image box in Edit. Have checked the settings on pages that don't work against pages that do, and all looks the same, so I'm stumped. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Featured image sizes vary from theme to theme and the sizes are critical. Which theme are you working with please?

  3. Thank you for responding. I'm working with Chateau, and will follow your links. ~ Loree

  4. It sounds like sizing is a good first bet. Chateau isn't on the list, so I'll just check sizing on the ones that worked and resize the ones that didn't to match and see if that does it.

  5. That appears to be it! Thank you kindly.

  6. The Support doc timethief linked to distinguishes between two types of themes: type 1, themes in which a featured image replaces the regular header image; type 2, themes in which featured images work in different ways. "Chateau isn't on the list" because it's a type 1 theme while the list refers to the type 2 themes. In other words, Chateau is covered in the first section of the doc ("Featured Header Images").
    In type 1 themes a featured image naturally needs to be in the pixel dimensions required for the header image (or larger, if you don't mind the cropping). Those dimensions are found in Appearance > Header.

  7. Thank you, justpi, I appreciate the clarification.

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