Featured image set for several posts & replacing an image used in several posts

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    Hello all. This comes in double :-).

    1) Featured Image – my previous theme didn’t have this option. Now that my new one does, I was wondering that I have lots of posts that could use the same featured image, but I don’t know how I could set it for them all at once, not going one by one… is there something I’m not aware about that could do this?

    2) Another one about images – I have an image that works as a “logo” for several posts as well – a podcast logo – and I want to change it. If I upload a new one, how can I have it to replace my previous picture without editing every single post? If I keep the attachment URL address, will it work?

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is minutohm.com.


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    We volunteers don’t have access to experiment with premium themes. You should use the forums where theme designers answer questions.
    The premium theme forums are here:
    for Opti the link is this:

    1.) That said, I don’t know any way to change the featured image for each post without editing them one by one. There is no “bulk action” to edit a group of posts for featured images.
    2.) If you edit an image then re-upload it, even with the same name, the URL will be different from the original because the upload date is part of the link. You cannot edit the upload date. So again, you’ll have to go to each post where you use that logo and make the change one at a time.

    There might be some CSS trickery to add such a logo, but I don’t know CSS well enough to even suggest an idea‚Ķ



    @1tess, thank you for your help. I will address both questions on the other forum and let’s see the outcomes. Cheers.



    For 1) you literally have to change them all by hand, which is ridiculous. I only changed the last 20 or so, so that people could page back two solid pages and see images, otherwise I didn’t bother.




    1) Agree, it does not make sense not to have a bulk option for this… I added new tags so maybe someone else can take a look on this…


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