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Featured image slideshow

  1. I am setting up a website using the "Stay" theme. The preview of the Stay theme shows that the featured image can be set as a slideshow to display more than one image. I cannot find any way of doing this in spite of reading the help info on featured images. Can you please tell me how I can do this? Also the featured image is not centred on the page when I view it - can you please explain how I can centre the featured image?

    Many thanks.

    Villa Salsabil, Luxor, Egypt.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you use wordpress plugin slideshow

  3. Please be aware that this is not a slideshow issue at all. The theme has a featured page slider and image size is at least 960 wide.

    The theme you refer has a theme description here

  4. You will need to follow those instructions to make the theme to look like the one in the demo. The demo is using the "Home page template" which cycles through select top level pages on your site. Create a page called for example "Home" and then set that page as the static front page for your site and create another page fro example "blog" for your posts to appear on.

    The front page of the blog by default will display your posts (not pages) in reverse chronological order, with the most recently published post on top. If you do not want all the posts to show on the front page, then you can create a static front page. To do that create two pages > After you do that you go to > Settings > Reading and make the designation change and click “save changes”.

    Front page displays
    __ Your latest posts

    A static page (select below)
    Front page:
    Posts page:

  5. Thanks very much for the advice, I get it now and you explained it perfectly! Will work on that today. Much appreciated.


  6. Oh, I just remembered - the centering issue, do you know how I can get the page slider to centre?

    Using a photo that is less than the full width of the page ends up not centred which doesn't look good. Using a photo the full width of the page is just too big and needs super-professional image resolution otherwise the image is not sharp - the theme demo page slider is smaller and centred, so there must be a way to do it! I'd appreciate help if you do know how to do it.

    Many thanks.

  7. how I can get the page slider to centre?

    The featured page slider slider is centered.

    Do be aware that you cannot edit the underlying theme template on any free hosted blog.

    For the best image quality upload images that are the exact dimensions specified by the theme. If you the cropper image quality will be lost.
    The featured page slider image size is at least 960 wide.
    Individual post featured image is at least 920 wide.

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