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    hi, i installed a theme. but my featured images don’t show up. any reasons? can anyone help me , i can send u my login so that u can look it up

    The blog I need help with is cnorhq.wordpress.com.



    a) Link to the blog in question please: the one linked to your username is deleted.

    b) If you installed a theme then you’re in the wrong forum.



    i installed it) imag.am, where can i ask about it?



    We cannot help you if you refuse to post a link to the blog in question when asked to do so.

    This support forum is only for those who have free hosted WordPress.com blogs and no others. There is no FTP access to our WordPress.com free hosted blogs and we cannot install themes. The only themes we can use are the ones found here . Appeearnce > Themes

    WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org > http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/
    If you are referring to a blog hosted by any web host other than WordPress.com then you are posting to the wrong support forum and ought to be posting to this one http://wordpress.org/support/

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