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    I have been creating theme headers (featured images) for all my posts, but lately they do not show up on (override) the header created for the front page – in my case a quick sketch of a disheveled girl with a very determined look on her countenance.

    I have continued using the same procedure, which used to work. Create an image file (jpg), then browse to find it, then upload, then scale to 950+ pixels wide, then click on use as featured image, then click on the “upload to …” line. then view the post. Always the same: the “Wild Girl” stays in the POST header (and is confirmed as featured image in the “edit” page 1), shows up sometimes on the first page of the post (in pre-edited scale), but the Girl stays stubbornly at the top. Why did this used to work, but no longer…

    The blog I need help with is asianimperialisms.com.

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