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    I am trying to get featured images to work on my site, but while the images are present in the posts, when you look at the site there is just a large white space where the featured images are supposed to be.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is buildingcsos.wordpress.com.



    The featured images are probably not the correct size.




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    This is a good article on how the theme you are using is designed to operate > http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/introduction-to-structure/

    For Structure:
    640×392 pixels if you’re using the option to display the featured image when viewing a single post.
    620×380 pixels if you’re not using that option.
    (620×380 is the size of the homepage top featured image, 640×392 is the size on the single post view; but 620×380 and 640×392 are the same aspect ratio, so the image will show up in the homepage top area in both cases).




    Please, I’m just trying to help. No need to be rude.


    @buildingcsos With the featured image at the top of you site you also have “Uncategorized” set as the category to use for posts in that slot. This is at Appearance > Theme Options in your Dashboard.

    The theme will look for the most recent post in that category to display up top. If you publish a post in “Uncategorized” or set that option to use a different category your site will look more like the demo site for Structure.

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