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    My question is more general and out of curiosity. I’ve been perusing the Themes Showcase daily trying to find the best fit for my website ( http://aliannedonnelly.com ) I love the themes which allow a “Featured Post” option that cycles through a number of sticky posts in one defined section of the main page. For an author like myself, that function would be amazing if I could feature static pages rather than posts to showcase a series, or titles coming soon in a more dynamic way. It would also be perfect for artists and artisans who want to display the best of their work.

    I realize that WordPress is predominantly for blogging and I am aware of the differences between posts and static pages, but with all the options and features WordPress offers it really is a great and easy-to-use platform for creating beautiful and functional websites, too. I was just wondering, is there a reason why the “Featured” function is limited to posts? Could/would this function possibly be added to static pages as well?

    The blog I need help with is aliannedonnelly.com.



    I don’t understand why you would want to use Pages for such things when you can use Featured Posts or Custom Menus. Given the limited (indeed, nearly zero) SEO of Pages, it doesn’t make sense for theme designers to put too much into them.



    I’m with raincoaster on this. Pages have next to no Google juice and posts have tonnes of Google juice.



    In my case it wouldn’t be about Google juice but appearance and functionality once someone gets to my website. If there was a way to do something similar without using the Featured Post function I would, but WordPress doesn’t take a lot of custom HTML without glitches. I can’t even add a custom countdown graphic into a widget because it doesn’t show up. (And at this point in time adding a custom CSS upgrade is not feasible for me)

    Featured posts only link to posts, which are a different format than pages. A lot of prime page real estate on a post is taken up by the sidebar and the date and time of the post (which for my purposes is unnecessary) Custom menus work well for plain links, but they are bland and static. I was hoping to utilize the featured images option of something LIKE the Featured Posts function for promotional purposes.

    The other option I’ve tried is using a slideshow of Photobucket images, but if you click on those they take you to Photobucket, and there is no way to customize or redirect those links.

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