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    Hi there

    I have seen that several themes have an automatic slider that rotates through the featured posts on the home page, “Forever” being one such example: http://foreverdemo.wordpress.com/ and I would like to know if it is possible to do the same with the featured posts on Twenty Eleven? At present you have to click through to see all the featured posts and I would really love it if they could rotate automatically.
    I have the Custom Design upgrade active on my blog.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give!

    The blog I need help with is piteiraphotography.com.



    There are themes that have featured posts image sliders. http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/post-slider/ In most of the themes with featured post sliders, visitors have to click to advance the slider to the next featured post. Twenty Eleven’s featured image slider does not auto-advance. Some themes have a featured post slider that automatically advances: Debut, Currents, Linen, On Demand, Modularity Lite. (the first 4 are premium themes) and the last one is a free theme.



    I have the Custom Design upgrade active on my blog.

    CSS editing cannot be used to change how any theme functions. It can only be used to change appearance and that’s it.


    Thanks for such a fast response! That’s a bit disappointing, so theres nothing I can do to make the slider autoadvance? I love my blog and I love Twenty Eleven, I don’t want to have to change themes but an autoadvance would really be nice. :(


    That would require hacking of either the PHP script files, or javascript. I don’t know what the slider is written in. We cannot edit those files since this is a multi-user platform meaning we all share the same underlying theme and core wordpress files. Any change by one would change it for everyone.


    Ok. No hacking. Thanks for you quick reply, though!


    You are welcome and sorry I didn’t have a solution for you.


    Sorry to butt in, but I have a related question (and haven’t found the place to start a new thread). I’m having auto-advancing post slider issues, too. I’m trying out new themes, and have chosen Modularity Lite (thanks to timethief’s suggestion). My slide show only shows one slide.

    The only instructions I’ve found to set up the slide show are on the theme showcase. Are there others anywhere? I’ve made certain my images are a “whopping 950 pixels by 425 pixels” and also “at least 950 pixels by 425 pixels,” which aren’t the same, but I’ve tried both. I’ve made them sticky and featured images (which isn’t listed, but it’s what I’ve gleaned from these forums). I’ve changed the number of blog posts on my home page, as suggested. I’ve made the front page static and not. I’m running out of hope.

    Any help would be appreciated. My gut feeling is the info is under my nose, but I have trouble finding it. Help! (please).

    [And an unrelated yes/no question: is there a fee to use the CSS Stylesheet Editor?]

    Thanks–look forward to your usual quick and helpful responses.


    PS Forgot to check the Notify box!



    The blog linked to your username is wearing Twenty Eleven. Please post a link to the blog wearing Modularity Lite.

    [And an unrelated yes/no question: is there a fee to use the CSS Stylesheet Editor?]

    Yes, it’s an annually renewable upgrade.


    The Modularity Lite home page slideshow at http://whyisthatfunny.wordpress.com/ is currently working for me when I check it. Try clearing your browser cache and checking it again. I also noticed that several of your posts have broken images in them, and that might be causing some trouble for you. I would recommend going through and fixing any broken images. See “graduation speech” for example, it has a reference to a broken image http://whyisthatfunny.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/3.jpg at the top. To fix that, you will need to open the post for editing, remove the broken image and re-insert an image either from your media library or computer.


    Also, some of the posts have the same image, and that could make it seem like the slideshow isn’t advancing some of the time when it actually is advancing and just happens to show the same image a few times in a row.

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