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    How enable featured post slideshow in Triton Lite? Can’t find the option in dashboard.
    It’s said in theme showcase, this slideshow is available for free.


    The blog I need help with is makukh.wordpress.com.



    It should be possible to enable the featured post slider by making some of your posts Sticky Posts, but it’s not happening for me either on my photography site.



    Thank you for advice, though still it didn’t work.



    Guess we’ll have to be patient until Staff can get back to us, as besides screenshots, there’s really no information yet on Triton Lite’s theme showcase page either.



    I’ve made all the posts sticky, and only few of them appeared in the slideshow. So, I think it depends on the size of featured image of the concrete post. It should be of some proper minimum width (don’t know what exactly – about 800).



    My photos at 800 pixels wide did not invoke the slider; photos closer to the Custom image header size of 960 pixels wide did.


    Sorry for the massive headache, gang. Proper documentation has now been added into the Triton Lite Theme Showcase page.

    The theme has a dynamic featured post area (shown just below the site title on the home page) which is a snap to use: just add big featured images—at least 950 pixels in width and 270 pixels in height—to your Sticky Posts and you are good to go



    Thanks! One of the most interesting themes :)


    Yes using the larger images for the slider worked excellent! I’m not using it for right now but I have TWO QUESTIONS:

    1. HOW DO I MAKE THE FONT DARKER? I purchased the CSS package and I have access to custom font but there’s no option to make the font darker. The grey is too hard to read, but I want to work with this theme.

    2. How can I also make the Navigation FONT more prominent, more visible, whether darker or bigger…



    Hi @allthingsebonybrown,

    In order to change the color and size of the fonts, you will need to use CSS. The Custom Fonts editor allows you to choose a font and apply some basic sizing, but you’ll need to use the CSS editor to make more advanced changes (such as color).

    If you’re new to CSS, I suggest that you take a look at our CSS Basics tutorial.

    If you need help with CSS, you can ask them in our CSS forums.

    To get you started, this is what you would enter into the CSS editor to change the main body text to black:

    .lay1 > div .post-content {
        color: #000;


    This is a lovely theme as such. How ever i still have problems making the featured post slide show. Should i add a new sticky post which just contains a list of my favourite images without any test? Should it be extactly 950*270 pixels, no larger, no smaller..? Please help team :)


    @irfarious: The sticky post can have whatever you want in it. The only requirements for a post to show up in the featured slider are that you have an image uploaded (attached) to your post that is at least 950 pixels in width and 270 pixels in height and the post is marked Sticky. That’s it. If you post example an example URL where this isn’t working for you we’ll be happy to take a look.



    @philiparthurmoore: I’ve currently made a sticky post on my web site, do take a look.



    @irfarious: I should have clarified in my last response that you need to set one of your uploaded images as a featured image. You haven’t manually set one on your Sticky post yet which is why no images are appearing.



    Aahhh…. there it is. Yup, it works now. You guys should’ve mentioned the set the featured image part somewhere in the theme showcase. There might be bloggers like me who don’t bother setting featured image for their posts. And later break their heads to make the slide show work. Thanks for the quick help :) Cheers.


    You guys should’ve mentioned the set the featured image part somewhere in the theme showcase.

    It’s mentioned there already. :) Glad you sorted it out.



    Hi, does anyone have any advice for me? I have set two featured images, stickied both posts, resized images to the exact specs required (960 pix by 270), and my slider is still blank. Nothing. Please, any advise will help. I have been working on trying to make this happen for a couple of hours now and nothing. Thx so much


    Hi Rene. Please post a URL where I can access your site. The one linked to your username isn’t using Triton Lite.



    doeesnt work on mine.. I keep uploading set featured image but wont work


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