Featured post tag repeatedly 'disappearing' from my published post!

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    This has now happened about 10 times since I published this post yesterday!

    I tagged it “featured” which (in my Expound theme) makes that post rise to the highest position of my 5 featured posts, with a bigger thumbnail at the top of the page. I have never once “un-tagged” it.

    Yet, mysteriously, later on, when I come back to my homepage I find that the post has ‘slipped off its pedestal’ down into the depths below all my featured posts, and one of the other, more ancient featured posts has risen to the top!

    When I go into edit mode and look, lo and behold the featured tag is gone from that post, without my having removed it.

    Today it happened again! I just had to go in and retag it “featured” for the umpteenth time!

    What is going on here? This post is rather important to me and I’m about to leave on a long (camping) trip, really hoping it will stay where it belongs while I’m gone.

    I am not new to this theme, btw, have been using it for years (I think) now, never had this happen before.

    I have edited the post several times since I published it, so for a moment wondered if that tag was evaporating every time I clicked to update the post, but in fact I’ve updated the post even more often than the post has lost its “featured” tag, so that can’t be it. And if it IS it, that’s a pretty weird bug.
    I never go into the tags or categories modules when I edit, just fuss with the text, fixing typos or adding more information, or once I added a photo.

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas… If I don’t respond right away, it means I had to head out for my trip, might not have access to the internet til I get back, will check here as soon as I can…

    oh – my blog is https://loopbraider.com/, and the post in question is this one: https://loopbraider.com/2017/08/07/uo-triangle-5-7-9tut/

    The blog I need help with is loopbraider.com.



    @ingridcc, next time it falls out can you leave it as-is and update us her so we can look?

    Also, do you have yourself logged into multiple devices or browser windows?



    Thank you supernovia! Ok, I will, though i hate to leave it that way.
    It’s only happened once more that I know of since I posted – the following day. I retagged the post, then made several edits/updates during which the featured tag behaved itself. I haven’t had a chance to log onto my blog since then until now, when all looked fine. Maybe it’s done misbehaving…
    When I started this thread I had only been using my computer, right now I am on a tablet, and might not be able to get online every day. I do sometimes have more than one tab open to pages or even the same page of my blog, but never more than one brower at a time and never multiple windows of the same browser.
    On my home computer I use firefox, on this tablet i use Chrome.
    It looks fine right now. I will post here if it happens again, and not fix it…



    Would you have multiple editor tags open? We once had an issue where two tabs editing the same page could overwrite each other.

    Let me know if you spot the issue again.



    It’s happened again doubled or tripled! Not just the main “highlighted” most recent featured post, now two have fallen off.
    Only 3 posts altogether are up there now, should be 5. Wrong one on top and two gaping holes.

    Wait a minute – But it was just there! I specifically went to my home page like only a few minutes before I noticed the mayhem, and the correct up-top featured post was there, because that’s where I wanted to go, had to check something in it. So all the stuff I recounted below had happened before the featured posts fell off… They fell off after I went into that top featured post, noticed a mistake, and EDITED it – added some purple text, and then had to clear off a bunch of html garbage that mysteriously got pasted onto the bottom of my text editing page – that has suddenly been happening lately whenever I add in text in another color – So clearing off that garbage html must trigger this…

    That’s only been happening lately though – I often make side notes in a different color, but it’s only lately that I get a pile of junky html at the bottom of my editing page as a result. Never noticed it before a few days ago, whereas the featured tag has been falling off for a while now.

    Prior to this I’ve working like a beaver all day on a scary html chart for an upcoming post and have had a LOT of tabs to my blog open – loading thumbnail photos into the library, referring to information in my other posts for this chart etc.

    Yes, at one point I also had two editing pages open for the same post (it’s my latest marked private post, so you probably can’t see it, I do that rather than save them as drafts so I won’t click “publish” by accident). It happened accidentally, I clicked “preview” to see if the html had worked, and then absentmindedly clicked to edit from that preview page, leaving the original edit page hanging there. Took me a while to notice. But I don’t think the posts lost their featuredness then – seems to me that was all prior to when I just went to that top post on my homepage and everything looked normal,
    I work in the classic older editor, btw, .



    OK, so to make sure we’ve got our facts:

    – You work in wp-admin
    – You’d had many tabs open working on various aspects of your site
    – The correct posts were showing
    – You use multiple tabs to edit posts rather than saving drafts
    – You were clearing junk off one post
    – Now only 3 posts show: two posts are missing their ‘featured’ tag

    A few thoughts

    – Instead of using multiple tabs instead of saving your drafts to avoid accidental publishing, have you thought about using “pending review” ? That way you won’t accidentally publish, and you won’t accidentally overwrite anything.

    – I suspect the problem actually started when you were busy in many tabs, but because we cache the site to speed things up, you didn’t see the issue til after you edited that post (which would clear the cache). So if you can tell me more about the tools you were using then, that would help.



    You use multiple tabs to edit posts rather than saving drafts

    I’m not sure what you mean by that? I don’t (intentionally) use multiple tabs to edit the same post.

    My process is that I publish any new, in-progress post as a “private post” right from the get-go when I start working on it. Then I keep working on that “private” post until it’s done, and only then switch it to “public”.

    After that I constantly edit esp the week or so after it goes public but also any/ all of my old posts. My blog is tutorials and other information-type posts, it’s not a “diary” type blog… The old posts don’t go ‘out of date,’ – most of my day-to-day views are of some of my oldest posts. So I’m always sort of “polishing them up”.

    I don’t as a rule use multiple tabs for editing the same post! that happened once by accident is all. But it could easily happen that, while one tab is open to my current / main in-progress unfinished (but published as “private”) post, I might open another tab to a DIFFERENT private or public post, notice something on it I want to change, and end up editing IT for a bit, while that other editing page to the main upcoming post is open in another tab. Right now I’ve actually got 4 upcoming posts (privately “published”) in the works, this one with the chart which is a sequel to my most recently published (featured) tutorial, and then 3 in-progress posts for later that are all on a new topic. I’m dying to get this sequel out of the way and get on to the new topic!

    Yesterday I did have other tabs to other areas of my blog open while the (private) post’s editing page was open. I had at various points, a tab open to the tutorial post that this new post is a sequel to… Also a tab open to my library because I was uploading thumbnails to it in order to put them (or rather their urls) into an html chart. (From what I’ve read, it’s better not to use “add media” to put an image into an html chart, so first I upload to the library, then I copy and paste the file url for the image into the chart (and paste in the alt text as well). Also I might have a tab open to yet another tutorial post that relates to the one I’m working on. Oh, and when I click on my uploader page to “edit” an image, that image’s editing page opens in yet another tab.

    But the featured tag was disappearing back before I started working on this chart, so that doesn’t seem likely to be the problem.

    So I’m not sure what you mean by ‘tools’?

    In the private post I was doing a lot of uploading thumbnail images to my library and pasting their urls into my chart. Is that a tool?

    In my main recent “featured” post, I simultaneously happened to noticed a minor mistake (on the cover image to one of my tutorial’s videos), so I went into that post’s “visual editor” to add a note (in purple) clarifying the mistake. The ‘tool’ I used was the visual editor’s “text color” icon. (that icon doesn’t exist in in the text editor, only in the visual editor.) Just lately, every time I do that, I will find a large (several inches-deep) pile of unintelligible html added at the end of my own text – only visible in the text editor! I always delete that whole section of nonsense html. Deleting it doesn’t seem to change anything in the post when i go to “view” it .

    Each time I add a section in another color, another large chunk of html gibberish gets pasted onto the end of my post, but is only visible in the text editor.

    Sorry for all the verbiage.



    p.s. I don’t know what “pending review” is, will look it up…



    @supernovia – ps again – I’m really wanting to fix up my home page and add those featured tags back in before I “go public” with my new post.
    Have you seen enough of it in it’s ‘broken’ state?
    (THANKS for even reading all this!)



    Ok, it turns out it has nothing to do with multiple tabs being open to my site! I just published my “chart” post, that is changed it from privately published to “public”. Just before doing that I had uploaded a thumbnail photo into the “featured image” module, then tagged the post “featured”.
    Then changed the date on the privately published post to today’s date and time, changed it from private to public and hit update.

    It showed “scheduled” even though the time I set it for matched the current time shown on my computer, but must have published pretty instantly after that, because it was top and center when I went to my home page.

    I had no other wp tabs open. (I did have tabs open to other online sites- google, youtube, and an online photo-editor)

    Immediately after that, twice in a row, when I went in to “edit” mode to change something in the post, the featured tag disappeared. So far since going public with “featured” tagged to the post, the tag has already disappeared twice, and been re-added in.

    Both times I was editing what was in the “featured excerpt” module.

    So there was nothing else going on, no adding color text, etc.
    Only one open tab to WP.

    Both times I edited something, I checked the tags and “featured” had disappeared.



    Ah I’m sorry, I’ve had to read this a few times and I’m not sure I’ve got it all still. Are you saying that if you publish a featured post, then edit it, the featured tag goes away?

    I’ll try to duplicate this on my test site; are you using wp-admin to edit or are you using the new editor we take you to if you click edit?



    OK here’s what I did:

    1) From WP-Admin, I went to post > new

    2) Add a featured image, add a featured tag, publish

    3) Close wp-admin

    4) Open wp-admin, edit the post

    5) Publish

    The featured tag did not fall out. Can you tell me which step you’re doing differently?



    The featured tag only falls off some of the times that I edit! I can’t figure out what triggers it. Now, every time I edit, I also check, and add the tag back in when it’s not there, so I have been on top of it enough that I don’t think the posts have slipped off their “pedestals” on the home page. But it’s pretty frequent that I have to add the featured tag back in, maybe one out of 5 times that I edit.

    This never used to happen…

    Ok, to get to edit mode: On the post, I click on the “edit” popup, the new editor starts to come up, but a grease-monkey ‘script’ automatically takes me to the old editor.

    I just know that now you’re going to tell me I need to get rid of that script!

    But I don’t see how that automatic rerouting could be causing this problem, because I’ve had it set up that way pretty much ever since the new editor came along! I much prefer the old one, and I do a lot of editing – I don’t want to have to go to all those steps of going to my admin page, opening “all posts” finding a particular post and then editing.

    (isn’t that the only way to get to the old editor now?)



    and add the tag back in when it’s not there

    So it’s falling out before you publish, right?

    Also, if you use wordpress.com/post for editing do you have different results?

    If you go to wp-admin directly do you have different results?

    And while I won’t make you get rid of it, could your grease monkey script be getting in the way?



    No, I’ve never noticed it fall off before I publish.
    By the time I add the tag the post has already been published for quite a while – as a private post.
    Then I finish up, add in the featured tag, edit the date/time to the present, and hit “public” and “update”.

    I’ll try going to wp admin but that is such a slow route from the post itself!
    Usually after I edit something I then look at the post to see how it looks. then go back to edit mode, back and forth a lot.

    If the greasemonkey script is getting in the way, something must have changed in WP! I’ve had that there for a few years now with no problem.

    I will try disabling it temporarily.




    @ingridcc, sorry, I mean before you publish your updates.

    Let me know how your testing goes.



    It’s not greasemonkey’s fault!
    I disabled greasemonkey – now I am not automatically redirected when I click on the pop-up edit tool. So I am ignoring the popup edit link.

    Have just been going to admin-all posts-new post for a new post

    or, to edit an already published post: admin-all posts-click on edit under specific post.

    I just published a new post, after tagging it featured. (So far its still on top. and still tagged featured – I can see that from the “all posts” list under admin, don’t have to go to the post’s edit page.)

    I went to admin-all posts- and clicked on the post which I wanted to remove its featured tag from. (titled “20+ color patterns etc). Its featured tag was already gone!

    Yet the post was still shown as featured on my home page, oddly.
    The next older featured post had gone missing (only 4 can fit there under the top one, so one MUST go missing when I post a new featured post.) The two very oldest posts in my featured lineup had not dropped off and lo and behold I now see (on my admin “all posts” page) that they are marked ‘sticky’ rather than tagged featured (one is marked sticky and tagged featured both). It must have been ages ago I marked them sticky, I don’t even know how to do that anymore.

    Ok, I wanted to get rid of that “20+” post from the featured line-up, so I went back to its edit page (featured tag still missing) and clicked to update.

    That removed it from the featured lineup.

    Then I checked each of the 4 “featured” posts in the featured lineup. The one that had first dropped off the lineup was back. But both it and the other newest one were missing their featured tag, though the posts were still sitting there in the featured lineup! I originally tagged them featured, now they are not tagged featured. STILL a mystery – when did the tag drop off? The post itself seemingly wont fall out of the featured lineup until I click to update the post, even if the featured tag doesn’t show anymore.

    Now I know that as soon as I update them (like make some other edit in them and click to update, without noticing that the featured tag is gone), they WILL be removed from that lineup.

    Turns out my oldest two ‘featured’ posts are both marked “sticky”. They have never dropped off the featured lineup so maybe that’s what I need to do – forget about the “featured” tag that I always have to replace, and learn how to mark a post “sticky” again. I totally forget how to do that!



    Ok, went and marked all 5 posts that I want to be featured as “Sticky” and took away their featured tags if they had one.

    Left only 3 posts featured, my most recent up toppest, and the two oldest that had always been marked sticky under the top one. Big empty space next to those two.

    So “sticky” only seems to put 3 posts up top, not 5.

    Now am trying opposite tactic, have removed sticky from all posts and retagged all of them featured. 5 are back up there, remains to be seen how long their featured tags will stay put.



    Happened again. 4 out of 5 of them had lost their featured tag today.
    I am getting embarrassed about beating this dead horse in the forums!
    I just emailed staff about it – could we follow up there?



    @ingridcc One of my coworkers has seen something similar to this once, so I’m going to have her help from here. Thanks for your patience!

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