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    Featured Slider and Sidebar does not appear in nuntius theme. I made 6 post sticky but It does still not appear. what can I do to make it visible?

    The blog I need help with is leedongwooktr.wordpress.com.


    The slider doesn’t appear on the main posts page, it appears on the News template page. If you want the slider on your blog front, you need to create a page (in Pages > Add New) and select the News template for it from the pulldown in the Page Attributes module, create another page for your posts, then go to Settings > Reading and set the News template as your front and the other one as your posts page.


    thank you very much it really helped but now pictures are not seen in featured slider.


    You’re welcome. For the rest see here:


    i’ve tried all the procedures u said but it’s not workin on my blog! :(


    @thecastlehogwarts: Your front page displays the slider, so you tried what I suggested in my first reply above and it works. As my second reply says, for the rest (how the slider will display posts and images) see here (under “Featured Slider and Sidebar”):



    Hi I’m having the same problem getting images in the featured slider. I’ve made sure the images are 640 pixels wide and everything. I’m not sure why it is still not working. Any suggestions? Thanks.



    Never mind!


    In order to make appear images in featured slider, while writing post, set the featured image (on the right, below the tags) then post it. It worked on my blog.

    btw I dont know why but it doesnt accept link, you should upload the pic and also you don’t need to change its size, it shapes itself.


    Any way to make the slider auto-rotate?



    No there isn’t such a rotational feature included. http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/nuntius/


    No autorotate? Ah well : )

    Another question – in the sample screenshot of this theme, you can see a picture next to the title of one of the articles in the featured sidebar. Does anyone have any idea how to makes these appear? I’ve tried both the Nuntius Tabbed Widget and the Recent Posts widget in there and neither display the featured image for the article.




    I had a look at your site, and you just need to add another Sticky post for the slider to start working. Only sticky posts appear inside the slider, and you must have at least two sticky posts first. I hope this helps!



    Hi @livingfaitham,

    I apologize for missing your question earlier. The picture you’re talking about is the Featured Image. These images automatically display in a smaller size in the featured sidebar as well as next to posts in the featured category boxes. So to make it work, all you need to do to is add a Featured Image to your posts in the same way that you do for the slider.


    Well, I do have featured images for the articles. They appear fine in the slider, just not in any of the widgets I put in the featured sidebar section. Thanks for your time!



    I not understans. Can u explain to step by step add featured slider it.



    woww… thanks… finally… can active on my blog…




    I’m sorry, I misunderstood your question. The Featured Sidebar displays a list of your most popular posts if you don’t add any widgets to that spot. Featured images are displayed as thumbnails in this list. Featured images do not appear in widgets.

    Sorry for the confusion.


    I see – so remove all widgets, that works! Thanks very much.


    It’s too bad that the posts are set to be ranked by number of comments. This along with the lack of an auto-rotate feature, basically means that the artwork for all the articles I want to be featured (except for the very first article) – will be hidden. In order to see the other featured articles, the visitor will have to manually click to find it. This seems to me as defeating the purpose of a featured section. Just my opinion : )

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