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    Hi there,

    I have just started using the Oxygen (http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/oxygen/) theme, starting with no content at all. From the beginning I noticed the featured slider wasnt on the front page although it should be with this theme. I figured it was because no content was loaded yet.. SO- I added my first test post, set my featured image at the exact dimensions the Oxygen theme asks for which is 750×380 pixels, and still there is no featured slider. The posts are only showing up as a regular post feed: http://vayama-experience-tour.com/.

    I’ve read through the forums and tried the suggestions..

    1. Checking off “Stick this post to the front page” before I published and it isn’t showing up.

    2. Checking image dimension sizes to make sure it matches what the feature slider is asking for.

    3. Went to Settings > Reading > and set front page to “display latest posts”, and feature slider is still not showing.



    The blog I need help with is vayama-experience-tour.com.



    Hi Kyra i have a same situation… http://suu.hu/ how could you solve this?



    Hi kyram2013, I’m having the same problem. Your site, vayama-experience-tour.com, looks great!

    How did you get the top banner to stretch across the top of the site?

    And of course, how did you get the Featured Image slider to appear?


    Hi. I’ve figured it out. In order for the slider to appear you not only have to assign the pages, select a static front page, and make that page (under page attributes) a Showcase Template page, you also have to select your sticky posts and then a featured image for each post. This means going into the posts that you want to stick to the front page and where it says ‘Visibility’, you choose ‘Public’ and also ‘Sticky’. Then you have to select a feature image. You go to the bottom right hand of the post edit screen and you’ll see where it says ‘Featured Image.’ Click ‘Set Featured Image’. This will take you to your image/media library, where you select the image you want to feature for this post.

    As for the header stretching across the page, when you upload your image for a header, you simply stretch the selection box it gives you. This makes you header wider than the standard 940 px. When I checked, my header image is 1278 px wide. That way it spans across the entire page, which I think looks better than just across the main column.

    Hope this helps.

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