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Features - downloaded/hosted WordPress vs hosted WordPress

  1. The documentation says that WordPress running on your own host is "more flexible" than hosted WordPress. But it doesn't give specifics.

    I'd like to better understand the difference. Can anyone help?

    Peter, UK

  2. reading a FAQs and answers to them at the: (these: 1 2 attentively) and some local (forum) one's may be a good start for better understanding the difference.

  3. I searched in the FAQ's (attentively) but couldn't find any information on the difference between the remote hosted version and the WordPress hosted version.

  4. using a remote hosted version means being a host of it -- you can change it as you want and backup your own data.

    using a hosted version implies being a guest on here and use only allowed, though sufficient for the most, features.

    to get the difference one has start to use one or/and another.

  5. As Options stated, the key difference is control.

    With the full version of WordPress, you can do ANYTHING you want to do, as long as you have the experience and ability to do it. And I mean anything.

    With, features, styles, and any personalization or customization is seriously limited.

    WordPress is for tweaking. is for blogging.

    For more information on the differences, see WordPress Versions - How Many and Which One to Choose.

  6. Thanks for the replies which are very helpful.


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