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    Fed up with seeing multiple posts showing up as ‘Home page” in stats. Is it really just the last post? Or a combination? I might have done one or ten in a day. I want to see what people are viewing. I do not want to see “Home page”. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is sciencesprings.wordpress.com.



    In your stats, “Home Page” is the main page of your blog. It means they viewed http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/ and not any individual posts.

    In your stats, I see only one occurrence of “Home Page” each day, and it’s always the most popular, which is quite normal.


    No. This is not a sufficient answer. If I do four or five posts in a day, then whatever was the newest post whe it was viewed shows up as home page. But, if I did four or five posts, I want to see which ones got viewed and which ones did not get viewed.

    You are not giving me what I need.



    I’m looking at your Site Stats in your Dashboard on http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/

    There’s only one occurrence of “Home page” on each day, and that denotes views to just http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/ and nothing else.

    Other individual posts show up below that, like “Berkeley Lab: A Lab Supreme” and “From Quantum Diaries/CERN: “What’s in a bunch?”” with their own individual view counts.

    The majority of your views will always be to the Home Page, no matter how frequently you publish posts, especially because you display the full posts on the home page, so there’s no reason to view the individual post.

    The stats system is functioning normally.


    You are making my point for me. So far today, 24 Home page out of 45. Yesterday 51 Home page out of 86. But, what were the individual posts viewed whne they were the newest post. That is what I need to see, that is what I am not getting.

    I know that I couid go to a static home page. But that necessitates my readers doing more clicks, so I won’t do that.

    This Home page thing is pure ca-ca and should be done away with. It tells no one anything.



    There’s no way to determine what post a viewer is looking at if all they’re looking at is http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/

    In order to record a view for “From Universe Today: Three Stunning Planetary Portraits,” the viewer would need to visit http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/2011/05/13/from-universe-today-three-stunning-planetrary-protraits/

    It’s a viewer behavior issue, not a stats issue.



    Remember that the Homepage is where all your regular visitors will go to as this is the page they bookmarked. It isn’t just your first post that they might look at, they could read the entire homepage. I know when I visit blogs I hardly click on the title of the post (which would register a new post view).

    It only registers a view for a separate post if the visitor then clicks on a post or is refereed through a search engine. This is the way all stats systems work because they can’t track where the eye is looking for every blog.


    I see many views of posts which are days old, so people are finding my posts by searching subjects. I need to know which subjects are interesting to people and which are not so that I do not waste my time. The Home page things hides all of that.



    If you click on each individual day in the Views bar graph, you’ll see a much larger list of popular posts for each day.


    Same thing: Today, so far, 25 Home page in both places.



    @ richardmitnick Are you seeing the stats page similar to picture three (Which of your posts are most popular) at:

    As @macmanx said this is where you’ll find the most popular posts.


    Yes, I see that. Today, 47 posts, 25 Home page, Search engine terms 19.


    There is no way to tell what someone reads that is on your front page in its entirety. That is like trying to tell which houses I looked at while driving down a street in a different town from where you are.

    Simple solution: Use the read more tag in all your posts and place it right after the first paragraph. Then people have to click on the read more link if they want to see the rest of the post and you will inflate your stats considerably. A click for the home page and a click for every post they want to read. Make them pay with clicks to read your stuff. See how willing they are to spend clicks to read your stuff.



    Here’s a second step you can take. In addition to using the read more tag mentioned above, go to settings > reading and set your main page to show only one (1) post per page. That way they have to click on other things if they want to read anything.



    Richard, think of the Home page as your landing page. If someone somes to your root URL, that is where they land. Unless they click INTO one of your specific posts, then Home page is all the stats can register.

    It is that simple. As TSP says, if you use the More tag, then those wanting to read a full post must click into the post and that will register. If the reader can view the entire post on the Home page, then nothing is going to register specifically for that post, the reader is still on the Home page.

    Does that make it any clearer?


    Sorry, more clicks are just road blocks, irritations. “thesacredpath” said it best:

    “There is no way to tell what someone reads that is on your front page in its entirety. That is like trying to tell which houses I looked at while driving down a street in a different town from where you are.”

    That is what I want to eliminate. I absolutely should be able tell how many people read which posts, without making them do extra clicks.

    I want no Home page listing of views, and that should not be so hard. A simple configuration setting, Home page yes or home page no, a box to check.

    You are all writing as if 1. Everyone goes to the blogger’s home page; and 2. Home page is some inviolate concept that cannot be changed.

    I’ll tell you what I will have to do. I will have to right after a post, make another post, a Home page trap blocker, that says it is just to avoid the Home page trap, to just scroll down a wee bit to the real post. And I will have to do that over and over, after each post, removing the previous Home page trap blocker.

    Again, “thesacredpath” hits it right home: “That way they have to click on other things if they want to read anything.” It boggles the mind that we would tell readers that they have to do anything.



    Your homepage is the Gate of your blog. People from outside need to go through the gate in order to reach your posts. As TSP said, you need to add ‘read more’ tag to make your readers entering your posts and counted in stats.


    I do not care that the Home page is the Gate to anything. I want to know what post they clicked on, whenever that was, Home page or not home page. I want to know what they are reading, then I can see what they are not reading. My blogs are news related. I might do six or more posts in a day, so six more more posts would be at some point the Homepage.

    Also, I am very keen with tags, so a lot of people are following my tags.

    No one is following anything because it’s the Home page.



    I want to know what post they clicked on, whenever that was, Home page or not home page.

    That’s just the thing, they aren’t clicking on anything because they don’t have to.

    Let’s say that I’m looking for news on the ALICE event, so I Google it. I find http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/ via Google, but the individual post, so I click http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/

    Then, I scroll down to your “From US/LHC: “ALICE Event Display – Decoded”” post and read it. Even though I was looking for that post and scrolled down to read it, my view still counts as “Home page” because http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/ is the destination that I arrived at.

    The stats simply record browser data, they can’t guess a reader’s intention or read their minds. The only data that they have to go on is where the browser goes.

    As you requested above, even if we had a way to hide all 41 “Home page” views from your stats, you would still only have 5 views on “From Idaho National Labs” and 3 on “Berkeley Lab: A Lab Supreme” because visits to http://sciencesprings.wordpress.com/ are visits to the Home page, no matter what the viewer scrolls down to read on that page.


    @richard, people use the read more tag all the time, especially on longer posts. Everyone is used to it and I was being a little flippant when I made the comment about making users pay with clicks. If you want to know which posts on your main page people are reading, you are going to have to use it and get them to click through to read the entire post. That is really the only way.

    As @macmanx says, you cannot divine intent or read a visitor’s mind and tell what they read on your main page. If you have 10 posts on your main page, and one visitor came to that page there is no way to tell if they read 1, 2 or all 10.

    Use the more tag.

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