fedblitz blocks spammers by domain , IP’s

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    This feedblitz announcement may be of interest or not.
    Wednesday, June 28, 2006
    I suppose it was inevitable…
    … but today is the first day we have had to block complete domains (and the network that hosts the users responsible) for abuse of the FeedBlitz service and the import facility. A pity.

    New email server – Please read If you block by IP

    Mail admins, please note. is a new mail server we’ll be bringing online this week for better scalability and system performance; please update your records to add this host if you block / permit by IP.



    They blocked the networks too? Like the internet cable companies? Not all their clients are responsible but it affects them too?? But blocking Ip numbers is useless because they can get thousands if they want.



    I block whole networks and cities and countries as well on my boxes. *shrug* You do what you have to do to protect your investment and your clients.

    As to them making an announcement about their new mail server, that’s really a DNS issue that’s easily fixed on their own end. No real need to make an announcement like that.

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